Monday, 13 June 2016

May Revision Class 04

1. The Union government has approved which company proposal to set up an IT/ITeS special economic zone (SEZ) in Bengaluru?

2. Expand UBIN?

3. The New committee to swipe towards cashless society to be chaired by?

4. Name the movie which has been invited for a special screening at the 42nd Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF),  Washington DC.

5. The Union Ministry of Human Resource Development (HRD)  has decided to launch a student tracking system programme. Name it.

6. Who has received the prestigious Springer Theses Award in recognition for his outstanding research in which he developed transgenic mice to study a critical tumour-suppressor called A20?

7. Telangana government has signed an MoU with which company, which, according to the agreement, will invest USD 15 million in the state to provide 1,000 jobs?

8. Name the renowned author who has been honoured with the highest French civilian honour -'French Legion Of Honour'.

9. Which country has successfully launched a remote sensing satellite Yaogan-30 into sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) using the Long March-2D rocket?

10. Name the law firm which hired the world’s first robot lawyer ROSS to assist the company and its various teams in legal research.

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