May Revision Class 08

1. Name the President of Sri Lanka who arrived in Delhi for a two day visit.

2. India’s renewable energy sector has been ranked what in the Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index (RECAI) with US on top?

3. The Government of India signs US$100 mn loan agreement with which International Organization for the Karnataka Urban Water Supply Modernization project?

4. Who has been sworn in as London's new mayor?

5. Who is planning to invest US$68 million (about INR 460 crore) in Apollo Health & Lifestyle ltd (AHLL)?

6. In Assam Assembly Election 2016, which political with its alliance partners have won an absolute majority?

7. Italian sports car manufacturer Ferrari has appointed whom as the new CEO with "immediate effect"?

8. FreeCharge has named whom as its new Chairman?

9. Who has taken oath as the Chief Minister of West Bengal for the second consecutive five-year term?

10. Which bank has launched ‘cash back’ campaign for its VISA debit card holders?