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Superheros are not born - they are made!

"I will do what I say, I will also do what I don't say"

Dear Readers,

All of you fall into a situation of 'If' many times in your life. This 'If' leads many to failures. But it is not necessary that 'If' will lead to failure always, 'If' can lead you to success also. And this difference between failure or success due to 'If' depends only on your approach on how do you take this 'If' in your life. Being students you fail many times in the examination and you feel that you could not do because you do not get time to study, your surroundings are not supportive, If you could have a better primary education you could crack the exams easily right now, If you had good financial condition then you could do many a things and many more 'If's' come in life. But speaking is easy and doing is difficult. And those who take this 'If' positively and work for it become finally successful. Every successful person has many 'If's' in their life. So, we are starting this "If..? - that creates winners" series. Today we will discuss the same by taking the example of Tamil superstar 'Rajnikant' who proved that "Superheros are not born - they are made".
Rajini, the real mantra of Tamil Nadu. Rajinikanth, the carpenter-turned-coolie-turned-conductor-turned Super Star says: "I couldn't have asked God for more." Born in a family of paucity as "Shivaji Rao Gaekwad" turned himself to "Rajnikant". Yes! the Rajnikant - one of the highest earning actors in Asia. 
Rajinikanth was born on 12 December 1950, in a Marathi family to his mother Ramabai, a housewife, and Ramoji Rao Gaekwad, a police constable, in Bangalore, Masore State (present day Karnataka). He was named Shivaji Rao Gaekwad after Chattrapati Shivaji, a Maratha warrior King, and was brought up speaking Marathi at home and Kannada outside. He was the fourth child to his parents Ramabai and Ramoji Rao Gaekwad. He had lost his mother at the age of five. Indeed, he lost his father too at very young age.
You all face odd and evens in life. Some of you fight with them, some leave it the way it is. Some loose the hope and lay behind and some struggle to overcome it anyhow and they succeed. But, only those names are inked with gold who struggle and succeed. Rajnikant also took all sorts of odd jobs before he started his career in film industry. He even served as a bus conductor in Bangalore. But he continued his acting interests side-wise by performing in various stage plays. Looking to become an actor, he anyhow managed some money and moved to Chennai and joined the film institute. It was here that he caught the eye of K. Balachander, a director known for introducing talented, new faces into the Tamil film industry and was introduced in the movie Aboorva raagangal as a co-artist..
When you come across some jobs in life you think 'Awe! I will not do this, Awe! I will not do that! This is so cheap! This is not of my level!'. But successful people do not feel work as small or big. From villain and antihero to blockbuster supernova, the actor has made the most of every outing. And he's deserved every bit of the success. SCREEN analyses why...... So, you need to be ready for every exam and you need to pare yourself.

"You'll gain nothing without hard work. And if you do, it won't last for long"

A normal person who has went through very less 'If's' in his life may have some other perspective to a situation, and a person who has really went through actual 'If's' in life has other perspective towards the same situation. The person who really struggles vanishes ego from his behaviour. He always tends to help others. Similarly, Ego and starry airs are unknown to Rajnikant as well. During breaks he hardly ever rushes to his air-conditioned makeup room. It is the reality that there are much chances of success if you vanish the ego. So, you should never feel like I will do like this or I will take revenge from everyone who pokes me now, when I will qualify certain exam. 

Warm, friendly and affable, he's the sort who deserves all the super-stardom he's earned. Such men, indeed, are rare. So, you should make yourself such that others may themselves say similar things for you also.

Although a lot of jokes are made on Rajnikant, but, he is on that height that he is compared to the highest and the best things in this world. He is compared to the things which no one else can do. This is the belief of people built in him. People joke like:

"Rajnikant can get rid of his shadow"
"Gabbar Singh forgets his dialogues when he faces Rajnikant"
"Once Rajnikant was the guest contestant in the KBC. Amitabh says, Computer ji Rajnikant ko pehla sawaal puchiye. Computer says 'Mai Lifeline use karna chahta hu''
"Rajnikant can sneeze with open eyes"

"One day Rajnikant decided to share 1% of his knowledge with the world
And thus, Google was born"

Attaining that height is really really difficult, but not impossible. If he can do, why not you?

People with a difference do the different things! One adopts a child, but, Rajnikant has such a huge heart that he adopted a Father! He adopted Mr. Kalayanasundaram as his father in the year 2012. Mr. Kalayanasundaram worked as a server in a hotel to meet his ends, and even donated his pension amount of Rs 10 lakh towards charity. He is the first person in the world to spend the entire earnings on a social cause, reads the post. Apparently, in recognition of his service, United Nations Organization (UNO) has adjudged him as one of the outstanding people of the 20th century. Unfortunately, the man is lesser known in his own country, even as an American organisation has honoured him with the Man Of The Millennium title. It was Rajni sir who took notice of the elderly gentleman’s incredible contribution to make a difference in society, and adopted him immediately. Even Rajnikant says that he will donate all his earnings to the poors. 

He truly says "You'll gain nothing without hard work. And if you do, it won't last for long"
"God commands, I obey"

So, what do you learn from his life? Think and analyse first.

You must understand that no-one is a born star! Great people are not born with silver spoon. You need to make yourself countable among stars by your hard-work, by your honesty, by your dogged determination and by your efforts! 

If you work honestly in any field you will surely get success in that!

Honesty doesn't mean only with others, it means with yourself at first, with your career at first, with your heart at first and with your brains at first!!

Do not fool yourself that you cannot do it. You can do.....just you need to be honest with yourself.

All the best!

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