Saturday, 9 July 2016

Adda247: Learn through Videos

Dear BA'ians,

ADDA247 app is available on your own android device and you have the sole right of using it on your mobile anytime, anywhere. Being such a user-friendly mobile based android application, you can use every stuff of it on the go.

What can be a better way to learn other than the Audio/Video sessions. And if we get that too in our mobile then it feels like icing on the cake.. Yes friends, we are talking about the Shows that we have been updating on our youtube channel.

The Audio/Video puts a long lasting impact on our brain. This way we remember certain things which we use in exams. Let it be shortcuts, concept, current affairs or anything, we provide it on both youtube and ADDA247 app.

Let us see how we can access the videos stuff from the ADDA247 app and can make the full use of it for learning purposes.

Under your main profile side bar, you can see the videos tab, just click on it and you can see the list of videos from each section, including strategies and tips for each section and related topics.

Now, for example you want to see, go through video of Current affairs, just click on "The Current Affairs show" of any day and date which will start the video for you as shown below in the screenshots -

Similarly, if you want to access the topic for let me say - "Strategies and tips for English Section", you can click on the "Strategies and tips for English language" and can access the video as shown below -

BA'ians, let me tell you, interactive learning through videos helps in easy and fast learning process as when you see and your mind listens at the same time, you are able to grab the content easily.

So, why to wait, just download the app and start your learning process..

Keep practicing!!!!

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All the best BA'ians !!

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