Thursday, 7 July 2016

Adda247: Test yourself

Dear BA'ians,

ADDA247 app is available on your own android device and you have the sole right of using it on your mobile anytime, anywhere. Being such a user-friendly mobile based android application, you can use every stuff on it on the go.

So, today talking about the fact "How you can test yourself" by attending the Quiz from the section of your choice in ADDA247 app. Friends, appearing for competitive exam is not going to fetch you a seat. For that you need many rehearsals before the actual scenario. In the market you will find many practice sets but in ADDA247 you will find it free of cost. Well, above all you will get to know and get to practice things chapter-wise.

The following ways can help you in accessing different types of quizzes and how you can find the detailed solution of the Quizzes in the app -

When you open the app, on the top left hand corner you will find the "MENU" button. When you tap that, you will get the exhaustive list of the section where you can get the quizzes of your choice.

You may start thinking that the app is asking you to download the quiz. So let me be clear that the quizzes will cost you only few KBs but the information you get is more precious. Unlike any other app, it enables you to chose and gives you the power of downloading the quiz of your choice only. It will not consume the data for the quizzes that have not been downloaded.

Once you are done with the quiz, you can immediately check your scores and analyse what mistakes you have done so that you don't repeat it in real time situation.

Here, we give one another example of Reasoning Quiz and its detailed solution with the screenshots depicting how you can access the Quizzes as shown below -


In this article, we have learnt to use quizzes to analyze ourselves. Friends, the day you really know yourself will be the day when you get closer to the selection. In this technological environment, ADDA247 app may become an essential companion in your prep.

So What are you waiting for?

Go! and start testing yourself.

All the very best BA'ians!!

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