Friday, 8 July 2016

ADDA247: Time Management Is The Key

Hello Friends,

You know time really plays an important role and with each and every second passing, the pressure can be felt during the exam. Actually this is nothing but the lack of time bound practice. Sometimes, its hard to sit for 2 hrs and attempt the mock. But that doesn't mean that you don't attempt it at all. ADDA247 gives you freedom to attempt the section of your choice as per your convenience. Travelling in metro/bus, attempt the computer or GA. Sitting idle at home, pick up the pen and paper and start practising Quant. So friends, you need to decide how you are going to make it to the finals. Below are the screenshots describing the Time Management feature of ADDA247 app.

Apart from the normal quizzes, you can also attempt Mega Quizzes and Section wise Practice Sets which will help you analyze your sectional abilities. No only this, the timing is kept so that even an average student can attempt that question in that span of time. And if you are not being able to complete it on time, then you can practice regularly to improve.

And the day you will beat the timer will be the day you will be ready for the real battle.

So friends, I don't think you need any more reason to download this exciting ADDA247 app. And if you are still thinking then you may continue...

So decide whether you need the consolation or wanna be a Rockstar!!

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