Friday, 1 July 2016

Computer Quiz For SBI/IBPS Exam

1. Which term identifies main page of the entire site?
Web site address
Domain name
None of the above

2. What type of Internet company provides pay-per-use software?
Software leasing
Software developers
Software-as-a-service (Saas)
Application service provider (ASP)
None of the above

3.The CPU and memory are located on the _______?
expansion board
storage device
output device
control unit

4. Which protocol is used to obtain an IP and other network configuration information from a server on local network?
Transmission Control Protocol
User Datagram Protocol
Code division multiple access
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
None of the above

5. In MS Word, what is the function of the key combination Ctrl+Shift+F?
To add table
To generate print preview
To add footer
To change to font
To change page layout

6. Which of the following technologies allows you to send voice communications over the Internet and avoid the toll charges traditionally incurred by consumers?
Data communication
Cellular and mobile computing

7. Cache memory is–
Smaller but slower than main memory
Bigger and slower than main storage
Bigger and faster than main memory
Smaller and faster than main storage
None of the above

8. The memory that stores the computer’s date, time and calendar is the:
Flash Memory

9. A bootstrap is:
a memory device
a device to support the computer
an error correction technique
a small initialisation program to start up a computer
None of the above

10. Processing involves ________.
inputting data into a computer system
transforming input into output
displaying output in a useful manner
providing relevant answers
None of the above


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