Computer Quiz for SBI/IBPS Exam

Q1. Which feature helps to search the text through reference material such as dictionaries, encyclopedias and translation services?
a) Translation
b) Research 
c) Find
d) Font
e) Table

Q2. What is a note or an annotation that an author or reviewer adds to a document?
a) Comment 
b) Caption
c) Footer
d) Header
e) Underline

Q3. What is a small arrow or blinking symbol i.e. a movable indicator on desktop is called?
a) Logo
b) Mouse
c) Cursor 
d) Palm
e) Hand

Q4. What type of technology captures spoken words and forms them into sentences that a computer can understand and react to?
a) Language translators
b) Automatic speech recognition
c) Interpreters
d) Dialogue decipher
e) Bio-metrics

Q5. 3GPP is the acronym for?
a) 3rd Group Partnership
b) 3rd Generation People's Project
c) 3rd General Project Presented
d) 3rd Generation Partnership Project
e) None of the above

Q6. ARP (address resolution protocol) is ________.
a) A TCP/IP protocol used to dynamically bind a high level IP address to a low level physical hardware address 
b) ATCP/IP high level protocols for transferring files from one machine to another 
c) a protocol used to monitor computers 
d) a protocol that handles error and control messages
e) All of the above

Q7. Which type of system can learn and adjust to new circumstances by themselves?
a) Database management system
b) Expert systems
c) Geographical systems
d) Artificial Neural networks 
e) File based systems

Q8. Select the odd one out:
a) Interpreter 
b) Operating system 
c) Compiler 
d) Assembler
e) Both (a) and (d)

Q9. Which among the following was the first graphical web browser?
a) Mosaic 
d) Gopher
e) None of the above

Q10. Which of the following is used for close a tab on a browser?
a) Ctrl + T
b) Ctrl + W
c) Ctrl + A
d) Ctrl + Y
e) Alt + F4