Saturday, 23 July 2016

Current Affairs Based on "The Hindu" for SBI/IBPS Exams

Q1. Which of the following Banks has launched a new facility called ‘Green PIN’?
a) ICICI Bank
b) State Bank of India
c) Punjab National Bank
d) Axis Bank
e) Corporation Bank

Q2. Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation constituted a committee to prepare Draft Ganga Act. Who is the Chairman of the committee?
a) Justice Girdhar Malviya
b) Rajendra Mal Lodha
c) JS Verma
d) SH Kapadia
e) KG Balakrishnan

Q3. Who is appointed as chief executive officer (CEO) of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) recently?
a) Sarvita Sethi
b) Ajay Bhushan Pandey
c) Sohini Rajola
d) Guruprasad Mohapatra
e) None of the above

Q4. Which of the following states has secured two Gold Awards at the prestigious Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) awards in recognition of its trendsetting marketing initiatives?
a) Maharashtra
b) Rajasthan
c) Kerala
d) Andhra Pradesh
e) Gujarat

Q5. Name the former French cyclist who has passed away in Dax, Aquitaine, France due to cancer recently?
a) Dominique Arnaud
b) Aristidis Konstantinidis
c) Ernest Payne
d) Firmin Lambot
e) None of the above

Q6. The New Development Bank, formerly referred to as the BRICS Development Bank launched by 5 emerging economies, known as BRICS, has announced its first round of loans worth about __________ dollars.
a) 900 million
b) 700 million
c) 1000 million
d) 1500 million
e) 2500 million

Q7. Sustainable Development index, India has ranked _________ out of 149 nations on where they stand with regard to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
a) 105
b) 110
c) 120
d) 132
e) 118

Q8. Which of the following States Government has constituted a State Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (STAGI) for advising it on policies and practices to be adopted and implementation of the National Immunisation Programme?
a) Maharashtra
b) Gujarat
c) Kerala
d) Odisha
e) Andhra Pradesh

Q9. Which organization has announced that launch of National Electoral Roll Purification (NERP) 2016 programme across the country recently?
a) Election Commission of India (ECI)
c) Home Ministry
e) None of the above

Q10. The NITI Aayog has signed Statement of Intent (SoI) with which of the following tech giants to set up Atal Tinkering laboratories (ATL)?
a) Dell
b) Intel  
c) AMD
d) HP
e) Huawei

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