Daily Wordlist for SBI Exam

Meaning: (of a child) having developed certain abilities or inclinations at an earlier age than is usual or expected.
Synonym: ahead, gifted, talented,
Antonym: backward, slow
Sentence: "a precocious, solitary boy"

Meaning: a benefit which one enjoys or is entitled to on account of one's job or position.
Synonym: donation, gift, lagniappe, largesse
Sentence: "the wife of a president has all the perquisites of stardom"

3.persona non grata
Meaning: an unacceptable or unwelcome person.
Sentence: "Nabokov was persona non grata with the regime"

Meaning: having a ready insight into and understanding of things
Sentence: "it offers quite a few facts to the perspicacious reporter"

Meaning: make (someone) anxious or unsettled.
Synonym: worry, upset, unsettle, disturb, concern, trouble
Antonym: reassure, unperturbed, calm, composed
Sentence: "they were perturbed by her capricious behaviour"

Meaning: read (something), typically in a thorough or careful way.
Synonym: reread; proofread; decipher;
Sentence: "he has spent countless hours in libraries perusing art history books and catalogues"

Meaning: not securely held or in position; dangerously likely to fall or collapse.
Synonym: uncertain, insecure, unreliable, unsure, unpredictable,
Antonym: safe, secure
Sentence: "a precarious ladder"

Meaning: a teacher or instructor., the headmaster or principal of a school 
Sentence: a preceptor at a small English boarding school

Meaning: prevent from happening; make impossible.
Synonym:  block, bar, hinder, impede, inhibit
Antonym:  smooth, unclog; advance, cultivate, encourage,
Sentence: "the secret nature of his work precluded official recognition"

Meaning: marked by exactness and accuracy of expression or detail.
Synonym: exact, accurate, correct, error-free, pinpoint,
Antonym: imprecise, inaccurate
Sentence: "precise directions"