GA/FA/EA questions asked in SBI PO mains 31st July

Q1. Mozambique capital- Maputo

Q2.  One question asked from- State Bank of India has inked agreements with the World Bank for a $625-million (around Rs. 4,200 crore) facility to support grid connected rooftop solar programme in the country.

Q3. Which of the following Banks heaquarter in Chennai- Indian Bank

Q4. FINO PayTech is a- Payment Bank

Q5. One question asked from- DBS Bank launched a ‘mobile-only bank’ in India. The ‘digibank’ uses technologies, such as biometrics and artificial intelligence, to enable paperless, signature-less and branchless bank.

Q6. One question asked from- State Bank Mingle is the social banking application of SBI which enables you to perform basic banking activities through SBI's official Facebook page.

Q7. lakhwar dam is built upon which river ? - Yamuna

Q8. Talcher coal hub is located in ? - Odisha

Q9. MD AND CEO of Bandhan bank ? - Chandrasekar gosh

Q10. First women to climb mount everest-Arunima sinha

Q11. Ease of doing business indrx is developed by ? - World Bank

Q12. USD 500 million sanctioned to Bihar project by? -ADB

Q13. Non farm micro units are eligible for how much loan under MUDRA scheme ? - 10 lakh

Q14. "State of children" report is prepared by ?-UNICEF

Q15. BSBDA max amount capping? -Rs50,000

Q16. NACH launched by?-NPCI

Q17. Housing to all by 2022 in how many rural areas?- 2.95 crore houses

Q18. Rani Jhansi Marine Park?- Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Q19. As per WESP,fastest growing economy at 7.3%- India

Q20. Krishi Kalyan Cess starting date?- 1st June 2016.

Q21. Women Economic Forum Summit held in – New Delhi

Q22. Small finance banks will also have to ensure that 50% of their loan portfolio constitutes advances of up to Rs.25 lakh

Q23. In FDI Intelligence report – Gujarat state top destination states for FDI in 2015

Q24. Madhavrao scindia cricket ground? Rajkot Gujarat

Q25. India 1st defence communication network ? Delhi

Q26. Small finance bank loan portfolio? 25 lakh

Q27. FRBM act committee? NK singh

Q28. One questions asked from-Which of the following is not money market instrument ?

Q29. Universal banks FDI limit ?74%

Q30. World bank lowered global forecast by ? 2.4%

Q31. Capital Small Finance Bank Limited headquarter- Jalandhar, Punjab

Q32. BMB merge with?- SBI

Q33. NATO summit- Warsaw Poland