GK Power Capsule (The Hindu Review): June 2016

Dear Readers,

A number of life turning examinations are just a few days ahead. Yes! we say it 'life turning' because if you get selected you will enter into the life you have ever dreamed of. But cracking the examination nowadays is like churning the iron sheet if you do not have the quality material and proper guidance.

Although attempting every section is important in the exam, though, there are some sections which can make you score very high in really less time. This section is 'Current Affairs Section'! 

How do you prepare current affairs? Mug up the newspaper of last 6 months? or, just search a number of magazines but could not complete even a single one? It is really not practically possible.
To prepare our students well for the coming exams specially "SBI PO MAINS EXAM" we have brought the cream out of curd. These 'The Hindu Reviews' are a category wise compilation of all and the most important data/ news which come across the well known reputed newspaper 'THE HINDU' every month. The Hindu Review is specially meant for all the aspirants who are willing to appear in the coming SBI PO, IBPS PO/CLERK Exams. You can attempt the section and score well if you have got by heart the The Hindu Reviews.

You can download the capsule in pdf  as well as you can study this on 'ADDA247' application.

We will suggest you to read it on app.

                Reasons for why to read the Hindu Review on App:

  • You can Read What You Want To Read by clicking on the topic 
  • You get many added features there like you can switch between the sections by just clicking on the options buttons e.g. If you want to read National Current Affairs news then you can select 'National Current Affairs ' from the options menu and you will be directed directly there. But in PDF you will have to search the 'National Current Affairs ' news by scrolling up and down.
  • You can read even when you are offline if you once download the capsule in your app. Hence, you can study even if you are in no network zone and are travelling somewhere.
  • Presentation in very interesting way.
  • Easy to learn format