Will I pass SBI Pre? My CAREER?

Dear Readers,

There comes a situation of dilemma in our lives where we are confused to choose which is the right thing, we should do to chase our dreams and to achieve our future goal. After appearing in SBI prelims most of you might have felt that the paper was tricky and it might have left a big ‘?’ 

“Is this question haunting you and stopping you to move ahead? That will you pass SBI pre and should you prepare for mains or not?”

If that is the case do you really think that making your studies stagnant or waiting for some other exam will help you out in any way?  These two words ‘stagnant’ and ‘waiting’ can never be fruitful and they will surely put a bigger ‘?’ on your career. Our efforts are never futile, it’s just that different fruits take different duration to ripe, similarly are our efforts towards our career-our goal. 

Even Amitabh Bachhan everyone’s beloved Big B has faced failures. He initially aspired to become a radio jockey at the beginning of his career. However, he was rejected by the radio station because of his voice. He even has a record 12 flops before registering his first hit with Zanjeer. Had he thought that should he continue making efforts towards his goal or field, do you think that he would have been such a big legend today? He kept a positive attitude towards life and he constantly tried and gave his best until one day even destiny has to bend and bow him.

The mantra to success is simply selfless investment of time, dedication and efforts.

If Thomas Edison would have stopped trying he would have never become America’s most well-known and prolific innovator. One of his greatest inventions is the light bulb, in which he succeeded after numerous failed attempts. Interestingly Walt Disney was fired by a newspaper editor because "he lacked imagination and had no good ideas."

One simple but valuable lesson that we can learn from their stories is that we must be consistent in our efforts towards the right direction. 

Studying is a much needed practice to train your brain. And if you are aspiring to be a banker in near future, there’s no stopping now. To be a banker you need that indulgence and attitude towards this field that you must remove the word ‘stagnant’ from your mind. If you’ll be consistent with your studies, it will surely help you out in upcoming exams as this SBI Exam is not the end.

As Malcolm Gladwell has said,

“Practice isn't the thing you do once you're good. It's the thing you do that makes you good.”

So don’t wait for anyone, don’t be the sheep of the heard, grab your books and notes start studying as you have a fight ahead in which you want to succeed.