Daily Wordlist for RBI/IBPS Exam 2016

Meaning: a political leader who tries to get support by making false claims and promises and using arguments based on emotion rather than reason
Synonym: agitator,exciter
Sentence: His opponent called him a bigoted demagogue.

2. Fester
Meaning: Ripen and generate puss
Synonym: boil, pock
Sentence: The politician festered with pointless comments.

Meaning: a state of confusion, violence, or disorder
Synonym: agitation, irregular
Sentence: The plane hit quite a bit of turbulence during our flight.

Meaning: the people that control a country, business, etc.
Synonym: provocateur
Sentence: An oligarchy rules their nation.

Meaning: to increase the amount or strength of (something)
Synonym: accelerate, add
Sentence: The new ad campaign has helped to stoke sales.

Meaning: damage resulting from ravaging:  violently destructive effect
Synonym: devastate, pillage
Sentence: Hurricane Andrew ravaged Louisiana and Florida in 1992, causing $19 billion in damage

Meaning: a sports contest for men that consists of 10 different events
Sentence: The event had a decathlon activity.

Meaning: an underground burial chamber
Synonym: catacomb
Sentence: archaeologists were thrilled to discover an ancient vault that hadn't been looted by grave robbers

Meaning: of or relating to the riding of horses
Sentence: equestrian sports

Meaning: a trial heat (as in rowing) in which first-round losers are given another chance to qualify for the semifinals
Sentence: French repechage second chance.