Daily Wordlist for RBI/IBPS Exam 2016

Meaning: a quick and clever reply
Synonym: comeback, repartee, retort
Sentence: he's known for having a brilliant riposte to nearly any insult

Meaning: slow and relaxed
Synonym: earnest, grave
Sentence: He remained sedate under pressure.

Meaning: expressed or understood without being directly stated
Synonym: implied, implicit
Sentence: There was a tacit agreement that he would pay off the loan.

Meaning: not easily described
Synonym: beige, characterless
Sentence: Their performance was disappointingly nondescript

Meaning: a ghost or spirit of a dead person
Synonym: apparition, bogey
Sentence: feeling so terrified that every shadow became a specter

Meaning: likely to cause people to argue or disagree
Synonym: belligerent, bellicose
Sentence: After a contentious debate, members of the committee finally voted to approve the funding.

Meaning: very angry
Synonym: angered, apoplectic
Sentence: Irate viewers called the television network to complain about the show.

Meaning: to make (someone) afraid
Synonym: bully
Sentence: He tries to intimidate his opponents.

Meaning: having an odd and amusing quality
Synonym: antic, chuckle some
Sentence: a book of droll stories

Meaning: to persuade (someone) to do something in a clever or deceptive way
Synonym: lure, entice
Sentence: She inveigled him to write the letter.