Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Daily Wordlist for RBI/IBPS Exam 2016

Meaning: the state or practice of refraining from extramarital
Synonyms: pure, clean
Sentence: The vows of chastity

Meaning: involving a random variable
Synonyms: probability
Sentence: a stochastic process

Meaning: to leave the position of being a king or queen
Synonyms: resign, retire
Sentence: "in 1918 Kaiser Wilhelm abdicated as German emperor"

Meaning: a trial heat (as in rowing) in which first-round losers are given another chance to  qualify for the semifinals
Sentence: The British would now have to row and win in a repechage the next day if they were to  be one of the final six boats in the medal race.

Meaning: a theory in philosophy that your own existence is the only thing that is real or that  can be known
Synonyms: egoistic, self-absorbed
Sentence: regards today's young people as solipsistic slackers who have no knowledge of or  interest in the world at large”

Meaning: of or relating to a son or daughter: appropriate for a son or daughter
Synonyms: obedient
Sentence: filial obedience

Meaning: very strong, clear, and effective
Synonyms: edgy, 
Sentence: a writer with a trenchant wit

Meaning: marked by wet and windy conditions
Synonyms: bleak, dirty
Sentence: be careful driving in this squally weather

Meaning: a very large number of things
Synonyms: plenty, enormous
Sentence: There are a myriad of possibilities.

Meaning: to criticize (someone) harshly for doing something wrong
Synonyms: punish, correct
Sentence: chastised his son for neglecting his studies

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