Friday, 5 August 2016

Daily Wordlist for RBI/IBPS Exam 2016

Meaning: fight without weapons
Synonym: clasp, clench
Sentence: “after a grapple with his conscience, he confessed to having an affair”

Meaning: not appropriate for a particular occasion or situation
Synonym: amiss 
Sentence: “there's an incongruous modernism to the actor's performance in this period piece”

Meaning: incapable of being defeated, overcome, or subdued
Synonym: bulletproof, invincible
Sentence: “an indomitable spirit was needed to endure the rigors of pioneer life.”

Meaning: to make better
Synonym: better, enhance
Sentence: “regulations intended to meliorate the working conditions of migrant farm laborers”

Meaning: good-natured teasing or exchanging of clever remarks
Synonym: backchat, jesting
Sentence:  “Her cunning persiflage hurt them.”

6. Relegate
Meaning: to force to leave a country
Synonym: deport, exile
Sentence:  “courtiers and generals who incurred the emperor's disfavor were soon relegated to the farther reaches of the empire”

Meaning: a state of overwhelming usually pleasurable emotion
Synonym: cloud-nine, elatedness
Sentence:  “listening to Mozart always left him in a rhapsody that lingered for the remainder of the evening”

Meaning: to cause to twine about one another
Synonym: entwine, inter-lace
Sentence: “tends to writhe his fingers together when he's nervous or upset”

Meaning: having a wavy surface, edge, or markings
Synonym: swing, wave
Sentence: “the undulate margin of a leaf”

10. Wherewith
Meaning:  that with or by which —used with an infinitive
Sentence:  “metal tools wherewith to break ground”

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