Hard work will take you miles, have faith in yourself : Anil Nagar (Founder & Director bankersadda.com)

It was year 1997. Anil Nagar has completed 12th standard from a Hindi medium government school in a small village in Utter Pradesh. He was the first person in his extended family (including all relatives) who has achieved such a big milestone – passing 12th examination. But, the big question was – What next? Choices were limited – either to get involved in farming and help family in earning their livelihood; OR to follow his dreams to do engineering from one of India’s premier institute i.e. IIT.

Obviously, there were many challenges and the biggest challenge was – How? How to prepare for exam like IIT JEE? What to study? He has done schooling in Hindi Medium, so which Hindi books to refer? No one is his village or probably entire district had ever thought of preparing for IITs – one of the toughest exam to crack in India. Many times, he had approached his school teachers, but,
everyone was clueless. In fact, indirectly people told him that getting into IIT is an impossible task for a villager. IIT is a one tough nut to crack even for people studying in some of India’s top most schools like DPS, Modern School etc. So, better forget it and move on with other alternatives.

After giving a thought for few weeks, Anil realized that answer to "How" can be found in IIT Only. Somehow he should go to some IIT (nearest was IIT Delhi in Hauz Khas, New Delhi) and talk to students, who are studying in IIT. They should give him some clue on how to proceed and what to do.

Anil was determined. He could not see anything except IIT. All his dreams took him to a IIT. He had decided that he will crack IIT JEE in any case. It has become a do or die for him.

When you have fire in the belly, everything is possible. He decided to work out on problems one by one. First he talked to his parents and convinced them that he has the mettle to crack IIT JEE and he wanted to prepare for it. He told them that he wanted to go to Delhi for next one year. He convinced them to sell off two of their buffalos for Rs. 22,000.

At the age of 17 years, Anil boarded a bus to Delhi to chase his dreams. Obvious, destination was IIT Delhi. Talked to many students near the entrance gate of IIT. Figured out a coaching institute in a nearby locality and started his preparations. For, next one year, he was in a kind of exile. It was studies and only studies.

He came back home in May 1998. With a selection letter of IIT. He had achieved an All India Rank of 1439 in IIT JEE 1998. He was selected for admission in B.Tech (Electronics Engineering) in IIT Varanasi. He had proved that if you have faith in yourself and you have courage to follow your dreams, anything is possible. If you really want to achieve something, the whole universe conspires to achieve you your dreams.

Life is too short. Follow your dreams.

(Anil Nagar  founded BankersAdda.com in 2010 with a vision of providing free guidance to millions of government job aspirants. By providing all essential exam related information, quizzes, motivational articles etc; Bankersadda provides a level playing field to all aspirants in terms of awareness related to exams and guiding aspirants in their entire journey of exam prep rigours.)