Monday, 15 August 2016

Quant Quiz (Miscellaneous) For IBPS/RBI Exam

Q1. In a Km Race A beats B by 100 m and C by 200 m. By how many meter can B beat C in a race of 1350 m?
(a) 150 m 
(b) 120 m
(c) 1200 m
(d) 210 m
(e) None of these 

Q2. Two boys, A and B, runs at 4 1/2 and 6 Km an hour. A having 190 m start. The course being 1 km, B wins by a distance of:
(a) 60 m 
(b) 65 m
(c) 45 m
(d) 75 m 
(e) None of these 

Q3. In one-day cricket match the captain of one of the teams scored 30 runs more than the average runs scored by the remaining six batsmen of that team who batted in the match. If the total runs scored by all the batsmen of that team were 310, how many runs did the caption score?
(a) 60 
(b) 70
(c) 50
(d) Cannot be determined 
(e) None of these 

Q4. The average marks in Science subject of a class of 20 students is 68. If the marks of two students were misread as 48 and 65 instead of the actual marks 72 and 61 respectively, what would be the correct average?
(a) 68.5 
(b) 69
(c) 69.5
(d) 70
(e) None of these 

Q5. A sum of Rs 725 is lent in the beginning of a year at a certain rate of interest. After 8 months, a sum of Rs 362.50 more is lent but at the rate twice the former. At the end of the year, Rs 29 is earned as interest from both the loans. What was the original rate of interest? 
(a) 3.6%
(b) 4.5%
(c) 5%
(d) 3%
(e) None of these 

Q6. Bipasha and Mallika leave towns Kolkata and Ambala at 6 am and travel towards Ambala and Kolkata respectively. Speed of Bipasha is 60 km/h and speed of Mallika is 120 km/h. Rani leaves Kolkata for Ambala sometime later and travels at a speed of 90 km/h. If the distance between Kolkata and Ambala is 1080 km and all three meet at the same point on the way, at same time, then at what time did Rani leave Kolkata?
(a) 7 am 
(b) 8 am 
(c) 7:30 am 
(d) 10 am 
(e) None of these 

Q7. Pathik and Rahi started from two places Andheri and Bhavnagar towards Bhavnagar and Andheri respectively at 8:20 am. The speeds of Pathik and Rahi are in the ratio 4 : 5. They meet at Chandni Chowk, somewhere between Andheri and Bhavnagar, spent some-time together enjoyed coffee and burger and then both started towards their destination at 9 : 27 am. If Pathik reaches Bhavnagar at 10:32 am, how much time did they spend together?  
(a) 8 min
(b) 12 min 
(c) 15 min 
(d) Can’t be determined 
(e) None of these 

Q8. While walking down on the pavements of New York city. I notice that every 20 minute there is a city bus coming in the opposite direction and every 30 minute there is a city bus overtaking me from behind. What is the time gap between one city bus passing s stationary point known as Local Bus Stop beside the route and the immediately next city bus in the same direction passing the same stationary point?  
(a) 27 min
(b) 24 min 
(c) 25 min
(d) Can’t determined 
(e) None of these 

Q9. The interior angles of a polygon are in A.P. if the smallest angle is 120° and the common difference is 5°, then the number of sides in the polygon is:  
(a) 8
(b) 12
(c) 9
(d) 6 
(e) None of these 

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