Sunday, 21 August 2016

Reasoning For RBI/IBPS Exams

Dear Readers,

From this day we are starting the 56 days Study Plan for IBPS PO Prelims. This study plan is to efficiently utilise time and hard work to channelise it towards smart work. From now quizzes on Bankersadda will be according to the given study plan and this will help you prepare important topics in limited time. Today is DAY 1 of the study plan and in Reasoning today’s chapter is Alphabets.

Directions (Q.1-10): In each of the following questions, various terms of an alphabet series are given with one or more terms missing as shown by (?). Choose the missing terms out of the given alternatives:

Q1. R, U, X, A, D, ?
(a) F
(b) G
(c) H
(d) I
(e) None of the above

Q2.T, R, P, N, L, ?, ? 
(a) J, G
(b) J, H
(c) K, H
(d) K, I
(e) None of the above

Q3. B, D, F, I, L, P, ?
(a) R
(b) S
(c) T
(d) U
(e) None of the above

Q4.U, B, I, P, W, ?
(a) D
(b) F
(c) Q
(d) Z
(e) None of the above
Q5. H, I, K, N, ?
(a) O
(b) Q
(c) R
(d) S
(e) None of the above

Q6.Z, ?, T, ? N, ?, H, ?, B
(a) W, Q, K, E
(b) W, R, K, E
(c) X, Q, K, E
(d) X, R, K, E
(e) None of the above

Q7. A, G, L, P, S, ?
(a) U
(b) W
(c) X
(d) Y
(e) None of the above

Q8. a, d, c, f, ?, h, g, ?, i
(a) e, j
(b) e, k 
(c) f, j 
(d) j, e
(e) None of the above

Q9. A, D, H, M, ?, Z
(a) T
(b) G
(c) N
(d) S
(e) None of the above

Q10. A, I, P, V, A, E, ?
(a) E
(b) F
(c) G
(d) H
(e) None of the above


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