Reasoning For RBI/IBPS Exams

Directions (Q.1-2): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions that follow:

Statement: In order to prevent catastrophic damages to its assets, Railways is going for offshore procurement of high-powered sensor-based equipment, a first-of-its-kind for the public transporter, to detect on tracks and rolling stock.
Q1. Which of the following inference drawn is definitely true according to the above statement?
(a) Railways will equip this system in selected trains on a trial basis in the current fiscal as it was one of the Rail Budget proposals
(b) The sensor-based equipment will monitor the condition of tracks, coaches, wagons and locomotives
(c) The sensor based equipment will send early signal to the control room in case of any deficiency
(d) The system will be fitted on wheels and the control room will receive signals through vibrations
(e) Only (a) and (d)

Q2. Which of the following has been assumed in the given information? (An assumption is something that is supposed or taken for granted.)
(a) Accidents will be minimised with the regular maintenance of tracks
(b) The safety aspect of track and rolling stock will be enhanced
(c) Railways will be able to know the exact condition of tracks through micro-analysis of data and this will reduce the possibility of sudden catastrophic failures
(d) Railway will prepare a predictive maintenance schedule for its tracks
(e) Only (a) and (b) 

Q3. Statement: “To stop train pull chain” notice inside railway coaches is soon set a become history. The railway ministry has decided to do away with these chains.
Which of the following can be concluded form the above statements? 
(a) The mobile phone number of the driver and assistant driver will be displayed in coaches, so that passengers can call in case of an emergency
(b) Any one finding to stop the train without valid reason will be fined
(c) Trains will run on time from one place to another.
(d) Passengers will reach their homes on time
(e) Only (a) and (d)

Q4. Statement: Persistent weakness in global demand and the lower value of oil products led India’s merchandise exports to fall for the sixth straight month in May, while a decline in gold imports helped the trade deficit narrow to a three-month low.
Which of the following inference drawn is probably false according to the above statement?
(a) There will be softening of oil products in the global market
(b) Rupee will appreciate against the dollar 
(c) There will be an increase in the collection of indirect taxes in the month of April and May
(d) There will be an increase in the domestic demand of gold and jewellery.
(e) Only (b) and (d)

Q5. Statement: The government is planning to put a cap on premature withdrawal of provident fund (PF) money. The employees’ Provident Fund organization (EPFO) has proposed that an employee be allowed to withdraw only 75% off the overall kitty, instead of 100% as permitted earlier.
Which of the following may be an effect of the above decision taken by the government?
(a) Premature withdrawal of such savings should be discouraged to ensure secure future for the employees
(b) People who tend to withdraw PF money between jobs or those planning to use it for either buying a house for paying medical bills will not be able to withdraw the money
(c) People will be able to withdraw more money at the time of retirement 
(d) People will invest in other flexible schemes in the market
(e) None of the above 

Q6. Statement: The water situation is grim as the total storage in 91 main reservoirs across the country has gone below the last 10-year average, says the report of the Central Water Commission (CWC).
Which of the following may be the most probable reason for the fall in the level in reservoirs?
(a) Less rainfall across the country 
(b) More use of water by the irrigation department 
(c) Depletion of ground level in the country 
(d) Less plantation of tree in the country 
(e) Wastage of water by the people of the country 

Q7. Statement: Spitting on streets could cost people dear as the Maharashtra state cabinet approved an innovative anti-spitting law that combines monetary punishment with mandatory community service.
Which of the following can be inferred from the above statement (An inference is something that is not directly stated but can inferred from the given information).
(a) The law is likely to act as a precursor to banning chewing tobacco in public 
(b)Anti-spitting law would bring down transmission of all airborne diseases 
(c) People will be restrained form spitting out tabacco in public places 
(d) Maharashtra’s roads will look clean and tidy
(e) Only (b) and (c)

Q8. Statement: Human activity is leading to the rapid draining of about one-third of the planet’s largest underground water reserves and it is unclear how much fluid remains in them.
Which of the following can be the probable reason(s) for the decline of water reserve?
(a) Decline of population all around the world 
(b) Unauthorised digging by private builders 
(c) Lack of policymakers in the country 
(d) Excessive a forestation and inappropriate use of natural resources 
(e) Only (a) and (d)

Q9. Statement: After providing LPG in easy-to-carry 5-kg cylinders, the government launched 2-kg bottles at local kirana stores and introduction of online booking of new connections for subsidised cooking fuel.
Which of the following can be concluded from the above statement?
(a) Online booking will end hassles of customers running to gas agencies for getting a new LPG connection. 
(b) The 2-kg cylinder will cater to the LPG requirements for all sections of society, including economically weaker families
(c) The online booking will help the customers get new cylinders delivered quickly 
(d) The scheme will be particularly beneficial for the rural people and poor who cannot afford to pay the price of a 14.2-kg or even 5-kg cylinder 
(e) All of the above 

Q10. Statement: The Ministry of Urban Development has launched a Smart National Common Mobility Card (NCMC) model to enable seamless travel by different metros and other transportation systems across the country besides being used for shopping as well.
Which of the following statements need not be true according to the given statement?
(a) The card will help people travel hassle-free across the country
(b) Only one type of card will be used across the country 
(c)  People travelling across the country can save time and money
(d) Shopping and travelling will become easier for the people 
(e) Only (b) and (d)