1. Deepika Kumari
2. Laxmi Rani Majhi
3. Bombayla Devi (All 3 for Recurve Team event)
4. Atanu Das (Individual Recurve)

Dear Readers,

Rio Olympics has rung the bell and you must be curious to know about the contestants participating in Rio Olympics'2016 from India. Out of total 120 Indian sportsmen qualified for Rio Olympics, finally total 119 are going after passing NADA's test.

Since ancient times India has produced expert Archers. India is the fatherland of  Mettlesome like 'Karna' and 'Arjun'. We keep an eye on the bird's eye. The glory of India in the field of archery needs no advertisement anywhere. 

A team of four archers are performing on behalf of India in the Rio Olympics'2016. 

Let us have a look on the backgrounds of these rising stars.

If we talk about Deepika Kumari, she belongs to the state of Jharkhand. She is a brilliant archer and likely to give hopes to the Indians. In May 2012, Deepika Kumari won her first World Cup individual recurve gold medal at Antalya, Turkey. She beat Korea’s Lee Sung Jin by six set points to four in the final.[12] Later in the year 2012 she became world no.1 in the Women’s Recurve Archery. 

While Laxmi Rani Majhi is from a government school in Bagula, West Bengal. She is the daughter of a coal mine worker and she is youngest of the three archers. But she is proud to take out her family out of deprivation.

Bombayla Devi is from Imphal, Manipur. She started archery in 1997 and made her international debut in 2007. Her mother was also an archer and teaches archery while her father was the state coach for Manipur’s handball. So we can say Bombayla got archery in legacy. But she fine tuned her talent to such extent to represent India at International level.

Atanu Das also comes from West Bengal. He started archery in 2006 and made his international debut in 2008. He started archery at the age of 14. He moved to Tata Archery Academy in 2008. Atanu is currently employed in Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, Kolkata. Although he came from a middle-class family, his family never asked for help from his relatives. His father gave him his first bow worth Rs. 30,000 and assured that he will support Atanu in every way. This is the support of a caring father to his son.

In the end, coming from various corners of the country none is from a rich background and none was born with a silver spoon. But it is their labour and hard work that made them what they are. And it is a truth that cream always comes up at the top of buttermilk.

So dear students, you too work for your dreams and do not leave any stone un-turned to achieve that.

All the best!