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Dipa Karmakar (Artistic - Individual All round)
Dear Readers,

Rio Olympics has rung the bell and you must be curious to know about the contestants participating in Rio Olympics'2016 from India. Out of total 120 Indian sportsmen qualified for Rio Olympics, finally total 119 are going after passing NADA's test. 

By qualifying in Olympics 2016 Dipa Karmakar proved that one can achieve anything - possible or impossible - if one has clarity in his/her vision and has complete devotion towards his/her dreams.

The 22 year old girl - Dipa inked her name with golden ink in India's history by becoming the first Indian woman gymnast to qualify for the Rio Olympics till date. Becoming the first Indian female gymnast to qualify for the quadrennial event is not an achievement to be taken lightly and when you perform against all odds, the success tastes much sweeter.

If there’s one word that stands out about Dipa Karmakar, it is 'Pliable'!

Born in Tripura in 1993, Karmakar found her entry into gymnastics fraught with difficulties. She was born with flat feet, considered extremely disadvantageous for a budding gymnast, and she was trying to excel in a sport which many Indians had not even heard of and the one who knew felt it as a circus in India.

Many times it became difficult to continue for her dreams, but, Karmakar never let her difficulties get to her. Gradually, started setting new records – first at the national level in 2011, then a bronze at the Commonwealth Games in 2014 and a fourth-place finish at the Asian Games in 2015.

With a fifth place finish at the World Championships in 2015, Karmakar had already become the torchbearer of Indian gymnastics. But despite her incredible success, realising the dream – the Olympics – seemed out of reach. Just as many of you are thinking SBI PO out of reach now! But she is a winner, not looser. You should also ruminate about what do you want to become? Which choice do you have to choose?

Ironically, Karmakar is one of the few women in the world who have successfully performed a Produnova vault, considered one of the toughest vaults in the gymnastics world. However, despite her mastery over that particular move, her performances in the other categories had kept her outside a podium finish at the World Championships, keeping her out of the Olympics. But Dipa worked hard, appeared in the test and subsequently got selected in the final list!

At the 79th position among individual qualifiers was the name of Dipa Karmakar. And with that, the diminutive 22-year old from Tripura had boldly gone where few had treaded – the first Indian woman gymnast to qualify for an Olympics, and the first gymnast from India since an all-male six-member team participated in the quadrennial extravaganza in 1964. And hence she put a full stop to the 52 years long journey of India in Gymnastics at Olympics!

Selection of Dipa Karmakar is a reminder that India can produce champions in each and every field! Yes! We can do what we think of!

So what are you waiting for? Just go on! Be the Dipa Karmakar of your field!

"Its never too late. If you have not started yet, start now!"

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