Friday, 23 September 2016

Are you just Preparing or Practicing for Real?

Dear Readers,

This is ‘the Time’ for all banking aspirants, as you have ahead very important examinations which may decide your fate. So are you just preparing or have you started practicing for real?

Yes, just preparation is not enough. You must practice with real time exam pattern and environment; and that is possible with Career Power Test Series. You really would not wish to stare at screens and wonder your way through the instruction on The Day of your Examination. It would be really beneficial if you could get hands on experience about latest pattern and type of questions for banking exam that you are going to appear in. You have IBPS, BOM and RRB all lined up. Time is running away, so are you making the most of the opportunities available to you?

Well, here we give you one more big opportunity. You can avail FLAT 10% Discount on all Career Power Test Series till 30th September.

Career Power is celebrating 5 Lakh enrollments and with this test series you can learn time and topic management efficiently. With the best platform, know where you stand. By choosing to avail Career Power Test Series you’ll be competing with those 5 Lakh and know your rank, that is just like the much needed challenge or practice before you go and give the actual examination itself.

If you’re thinking that you’ll start practicing well for IBPS or RRB from tomorrow onward, you’ll not be just wasting one day but you’ll be moving far away from your dream of becoming a Probationary Officer in a leading Bank. Remember lakhs of other students are your competition and they are practicing day in day out to defeat you. By wasting a day or two you will be strengthening their chances against you. Is that really what you would wish for? If, NO then get started NOW.

It’s time to sharpen your blades and be ready for the battlefield as the war is merciless. What you choose today will reflect upon your future. So, do make the most out of every opportunity you get. 

It’s time for some Real Practice.

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