Sunday, 25 September 2016

G.A Questions of BOB Exam Shift I

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These were some Question/ Topics asked in Today's BOB Manipal 2016 Exam Shift I :

1. What is Crr Rate? - 4%

2. Inflation Prediction by govt of India in next 5 years? - 4%

3. Who is Union HRD Minister?-  Prakash Javadekar

4. Who won Monaco Grand Pix? - Lewis Hamilton

5. Who is the Governor of Meghalaya? - V. Shanmuganathan

6. Who won Rio Olympics Bronze medal in freestyle wrestling? - Sakshi Malik

7. Social Banking initiative by SBI? - Mingle App

8. No. of Banks included in UPI? - 29

9. RBI Initiative new online portal? - Sachet

10. Govt. committee to monitor border security: Madhukar Gupta

11. New Development Bank is headed by? -  KV Kamath

12. Urjit Patel has assumed charge as the_______ Governor of Reserve Bank, succeeding Raghuram Rajan.- 24th

13. Islamic Development Bank (IDB) in May 2016 announced to open its first branch in India at - Ahmedabad

14. Kawal Tiger Reserve is located at- Telangana

15.  Rank of india in FDI - 10th

16. one questions asked from BSNL partership with - 

17. SBI MD - Dinesh Kumar khara

18.  An individual is eligible to have only------- 'Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account' in one bank- One

19. ODD one out SBI merger - State Bank of Saurashtra

20. World Humanitarian day 19th August theme was - One Humanity

21. Maximum balance in the account should not exceed how much  rupees at any time- Rs 50,000

22. HDFC Bank has launched-  SmartUp

23. How many Indian companies in Fortune 500 - Seven Companies

24. Medium Scale Business Range - 10 lakh to 5 crore

25. Interest rate on Loan to woman working group - 7%

26. RBI scheme Scheme for Sustainable  Structuring of Stressed Assets- S4A 

27. 4 countries who got loan from AIIB - Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and Tajikistan

28. Who  has been elected Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)- Sunil Bharti Mittal

29.  One question asked from Domestic Systemically Important Banks (DSIB) banks related

30. First Indian bank issue of Green bond - Axis bank

31.  SBI and Reliance share in payment bank - 30:70

32. First state, which introduced GST - Assam 

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