Monday, 19 September 2016

Share ONCE and Unlock MEGA Quizzes FOREVER

Dear Readers,

Sharing Adda 247 app with 3 friends and UNLOCK ALL Mega Quizzes Forever!!!

Yes that’s all you need to do, that too just ONCE and you shall get its benefits thereafter as you’ll be able to attempt all mega quizzes of all subjects. No worries of redeeming points or no hassle of sharing Adda247 again and again. And this is not just one benefit of yours there is a bigger picture behind that.

With this you’ll be increasing the User base of Adda247 and as now you are competing with thousands of users and then you’ll be competing with Lakhs of users. It ultimately means the competition will get more real for you. As you know in today’s worlds that ranking among hundreds is okay among some thousands is good but don’t you want to be in TOP 10 among LAKHS of USERS!

Sure you do, as you know that in Banking and SSC Examination there won’t be few hundreds but lakhs of students competing with YOU.  So by contributing to Adda247’s user base, you’ll know where you stand not only among your friends preparing for exams but also among Lakhs of users of this Banking and SSC Preparation app. And Bingo! You get all those mega quizzes too. So step up the level of competition so you can not only be confident about your preparation but learn and improve as well.

How it Works?

You share Adda247 App with you 3 friends
Those three friends of yours sign up for the app
You get all the Mega Quizzes UNLOCKED FOREVER

What can be better than competing with lakhs of students and knowing your ranking among them before actually competing in the real face off? The competition is not static it’s gruesome, but that’s the reality there’s no stopping here. You must never stop at any point as there are many others who are working hard to move ahead of YOU. So don’t wait share the app among your friends and unlock the mega quizzes as the game has already began. 

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