Dussehra: Lets celebrate by putting an end to Crime, Hatred and Terrorism

Vijayadashami (Sanskrit: विजयदशमी) also known as Dussehra (Sanskrit: दशहरा) or Ayudhapuja (Sanskrit: आयुधपूजा), is an important Hindu festival celebrated in a variety of ways in India and Nepal. "Dussehra" is derived from Sanskrit; Dasha-hara is a form of Dashanan ravan ("Ravana's defeat").

Since the harvest season begins in India and Nepal at this time, the Durga is invoked by religious rituals to begin the harvest season and renew the fertility of the soil. Many Hindus observe the festival with social gatherings and food offerings to the gods at home and in temples throughout India and Nepal.

On this day Ram (the seventh avatar of Vishnu) killed Ravan, who had abducted Ram's wife Sita to his kingdom Lanka. Ram, his brother Lakshman, their disciple Hanuman and an army fought a battle to rescue Sita. The story is recorded in the Hindu epic, the Ramayan.

Observers recite Sundar Kaand (the fifth book of the Ramayan) for five days. Yajnas are thought to keep the household clean and healthy. Some perform yajnas and Sandhyavandanam three times a day to keep the heart, brain and digestion balanced in the absence of adequate winter sunlight.

Durga's victory over Mahishasur

A bolt of lightning emerged from the mouths of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, and a young, beautiful female virgin with ten hands appeared. The gods gave her their weapons, and Shakti coalesced to form the goddess Durga. On a lion who assisted her, Durga fought Mahishasur for nine days and nights; on the tenth day, Mahishasur was killed. 
Durga, as Shiv's consort, represents two forms of female energy: mild and protective, and fierce and destructive. 

Women should be the great force in today's scenario and environment. They should be enough strong and independent to live their life happily as they want to without any fear and cruelty.

Similarily, today on this day we all should join hands to fight agianst cruelity, hatred and terrorism to protect our Nation, the Whole world, and humanity by living with peace and happiness, as in today's World, there is an increase of anger, hatred and terrorism killing so many innocent people and soldiers fighting against the terrorism.

Lets work hard and smart by sharing and learning knowledge on this platform, practicing more and more to lead ourselves to the path of success throwing the negative part away from our life.

Celebrating the victory of Good over Evil

Happy Dussehra dear BA'ians..

All the very best !!

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