Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Interview tips for Bank of Baroda PO Recruitment

Dear Students,

As the GD/PI call letter is out now, what will be another new step for all those who get through the first two. Now after doing a lot of hard work to clear written, the time has come for the last and the most important step i.e. GD/PI and we assure you that it will not be a cakewalk for you if you don’t start preparing for it from this present time. ‘Interview is that final stage which will convert your hard work into your Success.’

The first and foremost thing you have to do is finish all your paper work and create a folder of all your documents, don’t wait for the last minute that will only create a hassle situation and also as saint Kabir has said “Kal kre so aaj k aaj kre so ab, pal mai perleh hoygi bahuri karega kab”. ‘Be prepared than feeling sorry later."

interview-tips for-BOB-PO-2016
The interview is an occasion of interpersonal communication between the prospective employer and a prospective candidate. Talking about interview process, first we should know why every hiring process consist of an interview, what’s the moto behind the interview? So, through interview process they test you with many parameters like one’s mindset, clarity, confidence, ability, reaction under pressured situation. There is no such set pattern of the questions for interview, it’s all in your hand how you drive your interview and where to take it as they are going to pick questions from your answers only so, answer wisely and be prepared for the cross questions from your answers.

Every interview starts with a common question “Tell me about yourself” and from the same your strategy for interview starts, basically use those words and topics which you are good at and you can easily handle back firing questions on them.

Now, as you’ve heard “first impression is the last impression” which defiantly fits in interview process as the first thing observed by an interviewer is your dressing sense, your confidence, your body language. From the time you enter in an interview room till you leave, these are the common things which are in continuous observation. As the work environment at a bank is very formal you need dress formal.

Candidate's body language and introduction plays an important role in creating an impression in the interview. How you present yourself, how you talk to them, how you keep them engrossed? Your impression at the entry point in the interview is of utmost importance.

It takes ten seconds to form the first impression and it takes another four minutes for the impression to undergo a change of 50% towards positive or negative side. Mantra for good impression is Smile, eye contact, energy, confidence.”

Having said all this, go into the interview with self-belief. You will meet a lot of candidates outside the room, who might seem much more capable to you than your own self, but do not let anything take your self-belief and confidence down from you. You have reached the interview round based on your capability.


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