Thursday, 13 October 2016

Session on "Being Positive" - Motivational Video

Dear Readers,

Only 72 hours left for IBPS PO Prelims Examination. This is the time when most of you get distracted from your preparations very easily. But remember it is a very crucial time, you have been preparing for this day for few months and may be a year, so do not get confuse, collect all your thoughts together and give your best this time.

These few hours will decide whether you will be appearing for the mains exam or you are going to repeat the same mistake that you have been doing in all the last exams which you could not clear.
Make up your mind and start with the revision of all the important topics, go through the formulae of Math and notes of Reasoning. Do not start some new topic just practice what you have already studied.  
Try your Best, You are not the only one on the Ladder!
But most importantly keep yourself positive and motivated. Do not lose hope and doubt yourself. Do not worry you’ll just do fine.  And for this, the video below will help you to bring you back on the right track.

All the Best For your Exams!!

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