Bank Of Baroda Interview and GD Experience

Dear Readers,

I am here sharing my GD and Interview experience of BOB Manipal program. I hope that this will be helpful for other bank exams aspirants. The key is to maintain your calm and composure along with staying truthful. My time of reporting was 1:30 pm on  9th November.
Location - Bank of Baroda Regional office New Delhi

I reached their at 12:30 and they started the entry at 1 pm. There were 20 candidates in my panel, first of all they started with the biometrics and document verification. After that they divided us in two groups of 10 candidates each and give us a batch number mine was 6  so I was in first group.

Group discussion   

Coordinators provide us a small notebook to note our points and told to enter the room. Guys one thing to note is that group discussion and interview conduct in the same room and the panel is sitting in front of us. Panel told us to discuss the topic for 15 min and give us 2 minutes to write down the points but there was no condition anybody can start the discussion that is the fish market type.

The topic for the discussion was UNITY IN THE DIVERSITY.

My points – All candidates gave their views as India is the best example of this but I came out with a different view by giving the example of criticism faced by the north-east student and natives of Bihar in Mumbai.
After few minutes discussion I lead the discussion and take them to final conclusion and asked each candidate to give their final conclusion. In my conclusion, I urged them to make the world as a united power and prepared for the unexpected. 

After the Group discussion we had to wait for the personnel interview. During group discussion, I could know that the panel was very friendly and it consist of 5 members 1 mam and 4 sirs.

Personnel Interview

My turn was came at 6 pm I wished them properly and they offer me a chair, I sit and say thank you.

S1-  Tell me something about you other than your name and your graduation.
Me – answered it properly and told  them about my work.
Now the same person asked me 4 to 5 question regarding my job and my role in that organization.
S1 – tell me your strengths and weakness
Me- I answered easily because it was an expected question and I had prepared it.
S1 – a question from the current affairs related to post office started a work of PDS (Public distribution system)
Me-  I don’t know about this.
This was the last question from the first person. And he told me the answer of his question.
Now come to the second one
S2-  you seem a bit negative about the topic during GD
Me – No sir, I just want the views of candidates on the topic.
And he asked me some question regarding what I discussed in GD. And I explained my points to them in an elaborate manner, and he seems quite satisfied. 
S2- how you can make a balance between your work life and your personnel life.
Me – told them because I do this on daily basis.

Overall my  GD & PI went very smoothly, I maintained my calm and composure and I answered all of their queries appropriately. To all my friends, I would like to suggest that they asked questions from our replies. So be prepared, whatever you will answered they will pick questions from your answer itself.  Usually the panel at start asking some question related to personal life and daily routine rather then technical but if you are from commerce or economics background then there are chances that they may start with questions from your field of study.  

All The Best !!