Thursday, 3 November 2016

Banking & Financial Awareness Questions for IBPS Exams


Q1. Which of the following is NOT a direct tax?
(a) Corporation Tax
(b) Income Tax
(c) Wealth Tax
(d) Service Tax
(e) None of the above

Q2. The World Investment Report has been published annually since 1991 by?
(c) WHO
(d) World Bank
(e) None of the above

Q3. What is the full form of ‘CORE’ in core banking services?
(a) Channel of Rupee Exchange
(b) Customer Online Realtime Exchange
(c) Centralized Online Rupee Exchange
(d) Centralized Online Realtime Exchange
(e) Customer Online Rupee Exchange.

Q4. Which of the following is not an instrument of money market?
(a) Money funds
(b) Share
(c) Repurchase agreement
(d) Commercial Paper
(e) None of the above

Q5. RBI was nationalized on - 
(a) 1 July 1949
(b) 26 January 1951
(c) 1 April 1935
(d) 1 July 1955
(e) 1 January 1949

Q6. ‘Project Namaskar’ has been launched by -----------.
(a) RBI
(b) PNB
(c) Bank of India
(d) Allahabad Bank
(e) CBI

Q7. Open unemployment refers to people - 
(a) Who are not willing to work
(b) Who are willing but do not get work
(c) Who leave their jobs in search of better jobs
(d) Who have been dismissed because of corrupt practices
(e) None of the above

Q8. ‘Open Market Operation’ is a part of -
(a) Income Policy
(b) Fiscal Policy
(c) Credit Policy
(d) Labour Policy
(e) None of the above

Q9. SDR, the currency of the IMF, is in the form of -
(a) Paper Currency
(b) Gold
(c) Silver and Gold both
(d) Book keeping entry only
(e) None of the above

Q10. Indian Stock Market deals in --------------.
(a) Shares
(b) Debentures
(c) Forward Contracts
(d) Mutual Funds
(e) All of the above

Q11. In India, National income is estimated by?
(a) Planning commission
(b) Indian Statistical Institute
(c) Central Statistical Organization
(d) National Sample Survey Organisation
(e) None of the above

Q12. What would be the New Price Index that would measure inflation?
(a) PPI (2011)
(b) CPI (2012)
(c) WPI (2004-2005)
(d) RTI
(e) None of the above

Q13. Which one of the following is not an objective of fiscal policy of Indian Government?
(a) Full employment
(b) Regulation of Inter-State-trade
(c) Price stability
(d) Equitable distribution of wealth & income
(e) None of the above

Q14. What is the maximum ceiling on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) for investment in the equity of Public Sector Banks in India?
(a) 20%
(b) 26%
(c) 49%
(d) 51%
(e) 74%

Q15. Narrow Money is the term in monetary aggregates, which is represented by?
(a) M2
(b) M4
(c) M1
(d) M3
(e) None of the above


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