Wednesday, 23 November 2016

IBPS PO Mains was Difficult for ALL!

Dear Readers,

After coming out from “The Final Arena”, I know arsenal of many among you got failed but there are also some who nailed it. After coming thorough the reviews, comments, queries, and discussion of various students across India on BA and Adda 247’s YouTube channel it is cleared that exam was extremely difficult for ALL of the entrant. No one is satisfied with their performance or you can say number of attempts. Is it so?

As the pattern and difficulty level of exam had a drastic change from last year’s exam, but somewhat Frankly speaking students, higher number of attempts don’t mean high score… accuracy matters.
it is alike to SBI PO mains it was a bolt out the blue for all candidates. Many of you got disappointed
at the very time you clicked submit button and many after discussing and listening the number of attempts of other candidates.
Students having low score don’t get disappoint as the cut off is going to be low which we can analyze from SBI PO mains. As exam was tough for all and on an average no of attempts by all candidates was less than what was expected. 

Do you know approx. more than 20 lakh aspirants wrote the IBPS PO Pre-2016 Exam and only 1,70,000 approx. qualified? This data itself shows how tough the competition was. And you were among them who got a chance to face mains.

This is the time to buckle up for IBPS CLERK and strike with double force and let the “spark of success to scatter all around”. Still there is a lot more to come, many exams are right now lined up in front of you. 

The upper edge that you have for upcoming exams is that now you have already faced the banking season from summer to monsoon and then till autumn (i.e. SBI clerk to IBPS PO mains) and now finally winter is coming, so shield up yourself and get ready to fight for next. As you have gone through all ups and downs from easy to most difficult exam of banking history you should plan your strategy accordingly. One bad exam cannot adjudicate your rest of the exam in fact you should learn from it and prepare yourself for the worst.

Believe in you! You can make it! Every one of you have hidden spark inside, you only need one solid kick to ignite that into success then no one can stop you from getting ahead of the crowd. Start learning from your mistakes and never repeat them in the future, also start analyzing and working on your weak areas. Start practicing and practicing and just have a mastery on each and every single concept that is going to appear in the coming exams. You might also be feeling the pressure from the society i.e. your Parents, Neighbours or Guests and the most from the friends who was just like you or below you in terms of academics score but today they are at very good place and well settled. Be ready to show them your abilities and capabilities; that you also can do it. One day surely you will bring smiles on the faces of your parents. 

Always remember: -
Samne ho manzil to raaste na modna,
Jo bhi mann mein ho wo sapna na todna,
Kadam kadam pe milegi mushkil aapko,
Bas sitare chun-ne ke liye kabhi zameen mat chodna. 

“Forget all the reasons it won’t work and believe the one reason that it will.”

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