Friday, 25 November 2016

On a mission to help youth of the country in getting a job : Anil Nagar (CEO - Career Power)

When I came back to my village after getting selected for a B Tech Course in one of IITs, I was shocked by the response I got from most of the people. I was expecting that everyone will be gung-ho by this success, but what I came to know from people was totally shocking & devastating for me. My Gram Pradhan had told me. "Beta, it is better than you go for ITI (Industrial Training Institute) that than a B Tech from IIT (Indian Institute for Technology). Atleast you can get a job as mechanic or electrician if you do ITI. I have seen many people doing various degree courses, but, no body has a job.".

I could understand the point. Degrees does not matter. Ultimately, what matters is whether you have a good job. I had seen most of my seniors from my school, they were in village only & doing nothing, even though many of them had completed 12th standard and some of them were even graduates.

That was the time, when I had found mission for my life. There is where I found my inspiration. Later on, when we started Career Power in 2010, we were very clear in our vision and mission. We had to help our youth in standing up. We had to make them productive. We had to provide moral support and encouragement to our brothers and sisters.

As an organisation, we are focussed on -
  • Spreading information related to jobs & vacancies
  • Guiding youth of the country in getting a job by way of teaching and mentoring
  • Creating new jobs internally to whatever extent possible (employment in Career Power,,, Adda247 and other subsidiaries)
  • Up-skilling the current skill set sothat they can get the jobs or then can start their own business.

India is vast country with more than 100 million youths in the age group of 17-30 years, who are educated and qualified enough to do a job, but, there are no jobs available for them. I always wonder how fast our country can grow if we can give some productive work to each of the unemployed youth in the country. Each of them start contributing to the GDP of the country though their work. If they have jobs, they will also have money in their hands, which can can spend on their various needs. And then again, there is a ripple effect. Because, more people will buy and consume things, our industries start prospering. Every segment of economy start thriving.

So, I as an individual, and, Career Power as on organisation, are one a mission. Mission to help getting a job for our youth. We are doing our bit and innovating as much as we can. Would like to thank you all for supporting us in this mission.

I would also request all of you, not to accept defeat in any case. Each of you are capably and worthy of a good job. Keep up your hardwork. You should get success for sure. Remember, you are future of this country and only you are going to shape it.

(Author of this article is Mr. Anil Nagar, CEO Career Power. You can reach out to him at anil at

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