Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Overcome All your Fears and Believe in Yourself then you will achieve Anything

... Because FEAR means Face Everything And Rise or Forgot Everything And Run. 

Hi friends, my name is Hiral. After completing M.Sc Physics in 2014 I had started preparation for the exams from my field but after October I had realized that in my field I can get only teaching job and private job which can't earn more than Rs 5000. I can't accept that after studying this much I can't work in this amount so I decide to shift my focus and joined a coaching classes in November. After that I had given all the exams related to banking and insurance.

In April I found a wonderful site Bankersadda I followed each quiz of Reasoning, English and Computer. In each exam I passed Reasoning with full marks, quant and English with good marks but in GA section I got only 4/40 because I am very much afraid of GA and I was never read it .
In every exam I was guessing in GA section. I am that much afraid that Everytime I download bankersadda capsule but I can't read even a full page in whole day. Then in August 2015 I got mentor friend, Akki in my life after that he saw each of my result but as usual every time I cleared prelim no matter it is SBI PO or IBPS PO.  In IBPS clerk I had read GK capsule and get good marks but in overall cutoff I got 60.3 and cutoff was 63 and 1st April I didn't have anything in my hand. Then I realized that GA is most scoring subject if we follow daily so I followed it from five sites according to Akki's guidance  and make daily notes of bankersadda update. 

And hearty thanks to bankersadda because in April they had started GA videos daily updates and daily after seeing this videos I can remember GA easily. And my GA automatically improved and after reading daily updates, Hindu review and Capsule becomes cup of tea. I had showed my weak point in this success story because I want to tell that if a girl who is getting 4/40 marks in this section can now get up to 37/40 marks, if she can improve you also can. Never give up in any of the section in which you are weak. 

I want to thank God, my parents, my family, my mentor Akki and special thanks to Bankersadda because without your support your quizzes it will not possible. Thank you friends Kalpesh, Amit, Sahil, Manpreet, Tarun bhai. SBI made my Diwali with a beautiful gift, my first job and I want to tell you never give up no matter any situation in your life no matter any situation in your relationship. And don't take tention about seats because friends you need just a seat no matter how many vacancies you need only one. 

I would say that don't analyze cutoff because it's not fix it can be high if paper is easy and it can be low if paper is Tough. So just give the exam with accuracy and attempt as much as you can.

For English read as much as you can from The Hindu first read editorial and business pages.

For GA follow daily five sites update and bankersadda capsule.

For Computer follow bankersadda quiz as well as bankersadda capsule as In every exam I read bankersadda 300+ quiz and I easily get 32+ marks/40 in clerk and 16+/20 marks in Officer .

For Reasoning practice bankersadda quizzes.

For Quant make your DI strong and calculation strong then clear basics from R.S.Aggrawal.


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