Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Reasoning Quiz for IBPS PO Mains 2016


Directions (1-10): Each question below is provided with a statement followed by conclusions numbered (I) and (II). You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then consider the two conclusions together and decide which of them logically follows beyond a reasonable doubt from the information given in the statement. Mark your answer as
(a) If only conclusion (I) follows
(b) If only conclusion (II) follows
(c) If either (I) or (II) follows
(d) If neither (I) nor (II) follows
(e) If both (I) and (II) follow

Q1. Statements:
A degree in marketing is one of the most wanted degrees.
I. Marketing has a good career scope.
II. A degree in marketing is the first choice of youth in India.

Q2. Statements:
Prices of fruits are rising in the market.
I. People cannot eat fruits.
II. Fruits are becoming a rare commodity.

Q3. Statements:
Of all the microwaves manufactured in India, brand A has the largest sale.
I. The production of no other microwave in India is as large as that of A.
II. Volume of sales of all the brands of microwave manufactured in India is known.

Q4. Statements:
About 60% of the animal by-products (hair, horns, skin, etc) edible proteins. Indian chemists have developed a method of isolating 50% of these proteins. They break down soya protein by using an enzyme developed in America.
I. Soya protein and animal by product proteins have the same composition.
II. Indians does not have the ability to develop enzymes.

Q5. Statements:
“Triple your money in six months” – An advertisement.
I. People want their money to grow.
II. The assurance is genuine.

Q6. Statements:
Water supply in society X and Y of the city will be affected by about 70% on Sunday because repairing work of the main lines is to be carried out.
I. The residents in these societies should store some water on the previous day.
II. The residents in these societies should go for a picnic on Sunday.

Q7. Statements:
The manager appreciated Kiran in the presence of her colleagues.
I. Kiran was popular with her colleagues.
II. The manager likes Kiran.

Q8. Statements:
The Pakistan cricket team scored 290 runs, out of which Shahid Afridi scored 98 runs.
I. Shahid Afridi scored the highest runs.
II. The Pakistan team will win the match.

Q9 Statements:
Money plays a vital role in society.
I. The poor people can never become famous.
II. All rich people are famous.

Q10. Statements:
All the students of SRM College who cleared the interview would get placements in HDFC bank. Rohit works in HDFC bank.
I. Rohit studied in SRM College
II. Rohit was selected in the interview.

Directions (11-13): In the following questions, a situation or a fact is provided followed by two suggested courses of actions. A course of action is a step of administrative decision taken for improvement or follow-up action. Read the situation and then decide which of the given course of action follows. Mark answer as
(a) If only course of action (I) follows
(b) If only course of action (II) follows
(c) If both the courses of actions follow
(d) If neither (I) nor (II) course of action follows
(e) If given data is inadequate or more information is required

Q11. India’s leading power-producing companies are running in severe losses.
Courses of actions:
I. Government should invite foreign companies to explore their ideas in the matter.
II. Government does not need any help from other countries as it is capable to manage such kind of situations.

Q12. Most children in India are not able to get education since they need to earn a livelihood in their childhood.
Courses of actions:
I. Education should be made compulsory for all children up to the age of 14 years.
II. Employment of children below the age of 14 years should be banned.

Q13. Generally footpaths are crowded with hawkers in our country.
Courses of actions:
I. Call the police and request help to drive them away.
II. Government should arrange some space to them where hawkers can earn some money for their bread instead of selling on footpaths.

Directions (14-15): Each question below is provided with a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. You have to consider the statement and the assumptions, and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement. Mark your answer as
(a) If only assumption (I) is implicit
(b) If only assumption (II) is implicit
(c) If either (I) or (II) is implicit
(d) If neither (I) nor (II) is implicit
(e) If both (I) and (II) are implicit

Q14. Statement: 
If you have any kind of problem, feel free to contact me.
I. You have some problem.
II. I can solve any problem.

Q15. Statement: 
Successful persons have the abilities that they take the right decisions.
I. Only successful persons take the right decisions.
II. After being a successful person, everyone can take a right decision.


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