Vocabulary for IBPS and Other Bank Exam 2016

Trending-Vocabulary-for-SSC-and-Bank-Exam- Word-list-for-Bank-Exams
Meaning: brilliantly and excitingly clever or skillful.
Synonym: brilliant, dazzling, exciting, exhilarating
Antonym: boring, dull, pedestrian
Sentence: "the audience loved his scintillating wit"

Meaning:(of work) not requiring much skill and lacking prestige.
Synonym: unskilled, lowly, humble, low-grade, low-status, routine, humdrum, boring, dull;
Sentence:"menial factory jobs"

Meaning: an underground burial chamber
Synonym: catacomb
Sentence: archaeologists were thrilled to discover an ancient vault that hadn't been looted by grave robbers

Meaning: of or relating to the riding of horses
Sentence: equestrian sports

5. Repechage
Meaning: a trial heat (as in rowing) in which first-round losers are given another chance to qualify for the semifinals
Sentence: French repechage second chance.

Meaning: toward or at the front part of a boat, ship, or airplane
Sentence: The plane's exits are located fore and aft.

Meaning: to harm (sexual way)
Synonyms: to bother, annoy
Sentence: He was sent to jail for molesting children.

Meaning: Relating to the human body.
Synonyms: Physical
Sentence: started to suffer the corporal ailments that come with advancing age

Meaning: the distance or extent between possible extremes
Synonyms: diapason, scale
Sentence: the actress's work runs the gamut from goofy comedies to serious historical dramas

Meaning: being out of the ordinary
Synonyms: aberrant, abnormal
Sentence: even weather forecasters seemed surprised by the freak hailstorm