Professional Knowledge Quiz for IBPS SO Marketing Officer 2017

Q1.Dividing the market into segments and charging the same price for everyone in a segment is known as _____.
(a) steaming pricing
(b) cost based pricing
(c) personal pricing
(d) group pricing
(e) individual pricing

Q2. EMI is a marketing tool if –
(a) It is very high
(b) It is very low
(c) It is increasing
(d) It is fluctuating
(e) It has no role as a marketing tool

Q3. Best, Important and the Central activity of a business is known as its –
(a) Portfolio
(b) Product line
(c) Nuclear Activity
(d) Mainstay
(e) Core Competency

Q4. The concept of Selling is different from Marketing and aims at profit maximization through–
(a) Increasing Sales Volume of Quality Products
(b) Customer Satisfaction
(c) Solution of Customer Problems
(d) Satisfaction of Customer Needs
(e) Innovation and Market Research

Q5. The segmentation of markets based on the gender of the customer is a type of–
(a) Geographic Segmentation
(b) Demographic Segmentation
(c) Psychographic Segmentation
(d) Socio cultural Segmentation
(e) Lifestyle based segmentation

Q6. GE matrix has : 
(a) 9 Cells 
(b) 12 Cells 
(c) 4 Cells 
(d) 3 Cells 
(e) 5 Cells 

Q7. In GE Nine Cell Matrix Red colour indicate : 
(a) Expansion
(b) Select 
(c) Divest
(d) All of the above 
(e) None of these 

Q8. In GE Nine Cell Matrix Yellow colour indicate : 
(a) Expansion
(b) Select 
(c) Divest 
(d) All of the above 
(e) None of these 

Q9. In GE Nine Cell Matrix Green colour indicate : 
(a) Expansion 
(b) Select 
(c) Divest 
(d) All of the above 
(e) None of these 

Q10. Database is a source of : 
(a) Reliable data 
(b) Correct data
(c) Primary data
(d) Secondary data
(e) None of these