Frequently asked questions of Static Awareness in IBPS Exams

Q1. The UNSECO’s ‘Prix Jules Verne’ prize has been given to which of the following serials of Doordarshan?
(a) Turning Point
(b) The World This Week
(c) Surabhi
(d) Eye Witness
(e) Paryavaran

Q2. Who wrote the play “Uttararamacharita”?
(a) Harsha
(b) Tulsidas
(c) Bhavabhuti 
(d) Sudraka
(e) Ved Vyas

Q3. X-rays were discovered by 
(a) Becquerel 
(b) Roentgen 
(c) Marie Curie 
(d) Van Lue 
(e) Isac Newton

Q4. The causative virus of AIDS was isolated in the year of 
(a) 1980
(b) 1981
(c) 1983
(d) 1986 
(e) 1985

Q5. Waksman got the Nobel Prize for the discover of:  
(a) Streptomycin 
(b) Chloromycetin 
(c) Neomycin 
(d) Penicillin
(e) None of these

Q6. Where is Khyber Pass situated? 
(a) Bhutan 
(b) Bangladesh 
(c) India 
(d) Pakistan 
(e) China

Q7. Who is the author of the best seller “My Life”?
(a) Nelson Mandela
(b) Mahatma Gandhi
(c) Hillary Roddham Clinton
(d) Margaret Thatcher
(e) Bill Clinton 

Q8. ‘National Youth Day’ is marked on:  
(a) January 15
(b) January 9
(c) January 18
(d) January 12 
(e) January 22 

Q9. Which of the following cities lies to the western-most longitude?   
(a) Jaipur 
(b) Nagpur 
(c) Bhopal 
(d) Hyderabad
(e) Indore 

Q10. Who is the Chairperson of the National Green Tribunal?  
(a) Justice J.S. Verma 
(b) Justice Swatantra Kumar 
(c) Justice K.G. Balakrishnan 
(d) Justice Markandey Singh
(e) Justice Lokeshwar Singh Panta

Q11. Non Resident Indians (NRI) Day is marked on: 
(a) January 9  
(b) January 17
(c) January 19 
(d) January 7 
(e) January 29 

Q12. National Environmental Engineering Research Institute is located at-  
(a) Pune 
(b) Delhi 
(c) Mumbai
(d) Chennai 
(e) Nagpur

Q13. Who was the first Ramon Magsaysay Award winner from India? 
(a) C.D. Deshmukh 
(b) Jayaprakash Narayan 
(c) Dr. Verghese Kurien 
(d) Acharya Vinoba Bhave 
(e) None of these

Q14. Once elected for a full term, a judge serves on the International Court of Justice for  
(a) Five years 
(b) Six years 
(c) Nine years 
(d) Ten years 
(e) Three years

Q15. The International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL) has its headquarters at 
(a) London 
(b) Paris 
(c) Bonn 
(d) Montreal
(e) Lyon