HINDU Newspaper Vocabulary for RBI ASSISTANT MAINS Exams 2017

Trending-Vocabulary-for-SSC-and-Bank-Exam- Word-list-for-Bank-Exams
Meaning: an award or privilege granted as a special honour or as an acknowledgment  of merit.
Synonym: honour, recognition, privilege, award, gift, title
Usage: "the hotel has won numerous accolades"

2. Accoutrement
Meaning: an additional item of dress or equipment.
Synonym: accessory, appendage, appliance, attachment,
Antonym: essential, necessity, requirement, requisite
Usage:"the accoutrements of religious ritual"

3. Acephalous
Meaning: having no leader or chief.
Synonym: headless
Antonym: headed 
Usage:"an acephalous society"

4. Acolyte
Meaning: a person assisting a priest in a religious service or procession., an assistant or follower.
Synonym: assistant, helper, attendant, retainer, servant, minion,
Usage: "she runs the department through a small group of acolytes"

5. Adscititious
Meaning: forming an addition or supplement; not integral., Not inherent or essential; derived from something outside.
Synonym: external; additional.
Usage:"Dr. Kozak stands in the middle of the adscititious atmosphere and soaks in the effect."

Meaning: filled with horror or shock.
Synonym: horrified, appalled, astounded, amazed, dismayed,
Antonym:  fearless, unafraid
Sentence: "she winced, aghast at his cruelty"
Sentence: "separating authentic and spurious claims"

7. Percussion
Meaning: musical instruments played by striking with the hand or with a stick or beater, or by shaking, including drums, cymbals, xylophones, gongs, bells, and rattles.
Synonym: crash, bang, smash, clash, bump
Sentence: "percussion instruments"

8. windfall
Meaning: a large amount of money that is won or received unexpectedly.
Synonym: bonanza, jackpot,
Sentence: "members are to get an average £520 cash windfall for voting ‘yes’ to the merger"

Meaning: showing great attention to detail or correct behaviour.
Synonym: meticulous, conscientious, careful, diligent, attentive,
Antonym: careless, easy-going, slapdash
Sentence: "he was punctilious in providing every amenity for his guests"

Meaning: ostentatiously costly and luxurious.
Synonym: luxurious, sumptuous, palatial
Antonym: penniless, poor, impoverished, penurious
Sentence: "the opulent comfort of a limousine"