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I am a silent reader of Bankersadda and other sites, have done BE-IT in 2012 with 62.84% second division(my university recognizes 65% and above as first division). 
IT officer Scale 1 2017  Central Bank of India 

On the night of 31st march, many brothers and sisters feel tingly while accessing the ibps website, some got what they want, most doesn't, but the beauty is "Keep moving forward- Walt Disney". I congratulate those who got selected and also stand with those who are not, see it doesn't mean that if someone failed he/she is not worth it, maybe for them the doors are closed so they can open one which leads them to the perfect road. There is no easy way out so feel it, love it, embrace it and try to improvise (being a biological creature we do that a lot) push it harder and always take yourself one step forward. It worked fine for me hope the same for others. 

I had started my competitive journey on Feb 2013, when I first attempted the IBPS SO(IT-officer) exam. It took me exactly five years to crack the exam. Yes I know it's lethargic for me but at that time I was not very into the exams, I don't know why but I didn't feel the wrath to crack it. In 2014 I searched jobs in private concern but having two-year gap after the degree can't get the job done. So I joined a call center and start earning. But it also dosesn't worked for me. In the mean time, I keep attending the exams(PO, Clrek, SO, SBI, RBI assistant, and all the possible exams) but did't done that much effort to crack it. also I do have some family and other issues which I am not mentioning here as every 7 out of 10 people have the same issue in our country. 
So moving on I  joined a coaching for PO. Does it help? Yes and No. Yes, because it gives an outlay of how to start, where to start. No, because at the end of the day the things what I/you remember(memorize) only matters not the things that they teach us. Yes you can get a bunch of good materials from sites and coachings, but it's you who have to process the materials objectively and use them in the exam. 
So along with all these one day when I am frustrated and playing Call of Duty to ease my frustration, i realize one thing, that in the game we always have the resume option if something goes wrong, but that did't work out in real life. So what can I do in real life. 

Now I remember what Thomas Elva Edision said when people ask him that you are failing for a long time why did't you give up. On that he said- I knew 100 ways how to not make a bulb, but need only one to work it out. I started to turn the wheels in my mind like if i have a problem then i only need to come up with the right solution, calculate the probability do the maths and when you have done enough maths you will get to the home. I started to look into my past examination scores which I have saved. Analised them and came up with a plan which includes precision, patience, and persistant practice. While going through the plan i am stultified, but the only thing I said to myself was "Just stick to the plan.", I mean I don't have other options, my grades are not good, have a huge gap in my resume, no prior work experience, you got the picture. After all the pattern changed especially the english(i know it has been the suprising section), the SO exam start concidering the professional knowledge to make the merit list along with the interview. May be the newpattern worked or I got lucky or the plan worked or the three of them worked together along with the divine, I got selected in central bank of india as IT officer scale 1 2017. 

So that's it, as I shared the same tingly feeling on the very night with all of you, I only say one thing - just find an excuse to win. You can see many quotations i have used in this are from movies, songs and all this, but it is the gist which I realized during my long year's of preperation. I hope it will work for you. Don't give up just try, and if you are out of time(you know what I mean) then work for those things which you have and forget what you lost. 

Thanx for reading and giving your valuable time.

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