Fill in the Blanks English Questions for SBI PO and BOB PO 2017

New Pattern English Questions for SBI PO and BOB PO 2017

Dear Students, The SBI PO Mains Exam is scheduled on 4th June 2017. The NIACL Assist. mains exam is scheduled on 23 May 2017. In the English section, there will be  total 40 questions. Questions might be asked from Reading Comprehension , Cloze test ,Phrase replacement and also new pattern questions as well. In this post, we will discuss questions related to 'Fill in the blanks'. These types of questions are based on the vocabulary and phrasal verbs. Students are advised to revise vocabulary and phrasal verbs. We have already provided Important Phrasal verbs for SBI PO and other bank exams as well. 

Directions (1-15): Each sentence below has one or two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Beneath the sentence are five lettered words or sets of words. Choose the word or set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

Q1. Many believe that jazz improvisation is a creation of the twentieth century, but it is __________ improvisation has its __________ in the figured-bass techniques of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
(a) unlikely … roots
(b) possible … past
(c) arguable … origin
(d) proven … future
(e) interesting … unity

Q2. Whales hurt nothing and no one in their peaceful migrations through the earth’s seas, yet are savagely hunted by man, who __________ superior need.
(a) assumes
(b) perpetuates
(c) retains
(d) assimilates
(e) manifests

Q3. His unbridled curiosity led him to explore every field of __________, yet his __________ stances kept him at odds with the devout society he so wanted to be acknowledged by.
(a) science … interesting
(b) interest … common
(c) thought … unorthodox
(d) hope … heretical
(e) study … optimistic

Q4. Because of his inherent __________, Harry steered clear of any job that he suspected could turn out to be a travail.
(a) impudence
(b) insolence
(c) eminence
(d) indolence
(e) integrity

Q5. First published in 1649, Pacheco’s __________ treatise contains not only chapters outlining iconography and technique, but also commentary on contemporary painters that now __________ our most comprehensive information on these artists, as well as the most thorough discussion available on Baroque aesthetics.
(a) inconsequential … comprises
(b) invaluable … constitutes
(c) historical … lacks
(d) superficial … supports
(e) important … excludes

Q6. Very little is known of the writer Theophilus; however, from his eclectic writings, we can __________ that he was well __________.
(a) assume … educated
(b) understand … disciplined
(c) appreciate … respected
(d) expect … exposed
(e) acknowledge … received

Q7. Her systematic approach to scientific research was often rewarded in her __________ life, but it proved disastrous when her __________ mind examined every flaw in her friends and family, preventing her from truly appreciating others.
(a) career … disorganized
(b) private … analytical
(c) public … fragile
(d) professional … methodical
(e) family … orderly

Q8. Personal correspondence is often a marvelous reflection of the spirit of an age; the subtle __________ of Swift’s epistles mirrored the eighteenth-century delight in elegant __________.
(a) profundity … ditties
(b) poignancy … pejoratives
(c) contempt … anachronisms
(d) provinciality … pomposity
(e) vitriol … disparagement

Q9. Our spokesperson seems to be uncertain of our eventual victory but __________ facing the alternative, as if merely admitting the possibility of defeat would lead to the dread thing itself.
(a) unsure of
(b) complacent when
(c) fearful of
(d) certain of
(e) helped by

Q10. Victorien Sardou’s play La Tosca was originally written as a __________ for Sarah Bernhardt and later __________ into the famous Puccini opera.
(a) role … reincarnated
(b) biography … changed
(c) metaphor … edited
(d) present … fictionalized
(e) vehicle … adapted

Q11. Because the law and custom require that a definite determination be made, the judge is forced to behave as if the verdict is __________, when in fact the evidence may not be __________.
(a) negotiable … persuasive
(b) justified … accessible
(c) unassailable … insubstantial
(d) incontrovertible … admissible
(e) self–evident … conclusive

Q12. The author presumably believes that all businessmen are __________, for her main characters, whatever qualities they may lack, are virtual paragons of __________.
(a) clever … ingenuity
(b) covetous … greed
(c) virtuous … deceit
(d) successful … ambition
(e) cautious … achievement

Q13. Filmed on a ludicrously __________ budget and edited at breakneck speed, Melotti’s documentary nonetheless __________ the Cannes critics with its ingenuity and verve.
(a) low … disappointed
(b) inflated … distracted
(c) uneven … amused
(d) disproportionate … appalled
(e) inadequate … surprised

Q14. Ginnie expects her every submission to be published or selected for performance, and this time her __________ is likely to be __________.
(a) condor … dispelled
(b) anticipation … piqued
(c) enthusiasm … dampened
(d) optimism … vindicated
(e) awareness … clouded

Q15. His opponent found it extremely frustrating that the governor’s solid support from the voting public was not eroded by his __________of significant issues.
(a) exaggeration
(b) misapprehension
(c) discussion
(d) selection
(e) acknowledgment