Current Affairs Questions for NICL AO Mains Exam: 24th June 2017

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Welcome to the world of Current Affairs 2017. With NICL AO Mains Exam round the corner, it should be your priority to cover every aspect of Current Affairs on a daily basis for NICL AO Mains Exam so that you can do well in the exam. These current affairs are based on current news. Let us see how many questions you attempt accurately.

Q1. The Reserve Bank of India reconstituted the Oversight Committee by appointing three more members. The 5-membered Oversight Committee will be headed by _____________.
(a) Sanjeev Srivastava
(b) Ankiket Sinha
(c) Shambhu Nath Kewat
(d) Pradeep Kumar
(e) Shubham Tiwari

Q2. Name the Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) workhorse rocket that has recently blasted off from the spaceport of Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.
(a) GSLV A-40
(b) PSLV B-38
(c) PSLV C-38
(d) GSLV D-40
(e) PSLV B-40

Q3. ISRO workhorse rocket blasted off from the spaceport of Sriharikota carrying the satellite of which of the following series?
(a) Cartosat-3 Series
(b) Cartosat-2 Series
(c) Xolosat-1 Series
(d) Polosat-3 Series
(e) Airsat-3 Series

Q4. ISRO workhorse rocket was launched recently from spaceport of Sriharikota carrying a dedicated satellite for the defense forces along with 30 co-passenger satellites. How many Indian satellite/s is/are there among those 30 co-passenger satellites?
(a) 5
(b) 4
(c) 6
(d) 1
(e) 8

Q5. The Cabinet has approved Amendment of the Bilateral SSA between India and the Netherlands by incorporating the “Country of Residence” Principle into the said SSA. SSA stands for ___________.
(a) Social Security Agreement
(b) Social Safety Agreement
(c) Society Security Agreement
(d) Social Safer Agreement
(e) Solemn Safety Agreement

Q6. Amsterdam is the Capital city of ________________.
(a) Austria
(b) Canada
(c) Netherland
(d) Ireland
(e) Sweden

Q7. The state government approved 53 urban projects with a total investment of Rs 538 crore under the AMRUT. The scheme, launched in nine urban places in the state since 2015-16 fiscal year. AMRUT Stands for _____________.
(a) Atal Mission for Rehabitation and Urban Transformation
(b) Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation
(c) Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transition
(d) Atal Mission for Retaliation and Urban Transfer
(e) Atal Mission for Reformation and Upper Transportation

Q8. Under the Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin (SBM-G), which one of the following state has declared themselves as the 4th Open Defecation Free (ODF) States of India?

(a) Kerala
(b) Assam
(c) Meghalaya
(d) Uttarakhand
(e) Punjab

Q9. The Department of Science and Technology (DST) under Ministry of Science and Technology has recentlylaunched the VAJRA scheme in a bid to bring together the Indian scientists abroad and India-based researchers for conducting joint researches in India. VAJRA stands for _____________.
(a) Visiting Advanced Joint Research Faculty
(b) Visual Advanced Joint Reformed Faculty
(c) Visiting Aviation Joint Rejuvenation Faculty
(d) Visiting Access Joint Research Assets
(e) Visual Advanced Joint Rehabitation Assets

Q10. Under the Swachh Bharat Mission Gramin (SBM-G), name the 5th Open Defecation Free (ODF) States of India.

(a) Tripura
(b) Odisha
(c) Haryana
(d) Karnataka
(e) Rajasthan

Q11. The government has done a Major reshuffle in central bureaucracy.  Name the person who is new Home Secretary?
(a) Sumer Chand
(b) Rajiv Gauba
(c) Rajesh Loknath
(d) Kamal Nath Thakur
(e) Ishwar Chand

Q12. Which one of the following has become first city in India where one can have fuel delivered at one's doorstep, just like milk and newspapers?
(a) New Delhi
(b) Kochi
(c) Thrissur
(d) Vadodara
(e) Bengaluru

Q13. World Bank's Board of Executive Directors has approved a loan assistance of 44 million dollars for the Assam's ASPIRe Project. What does 'I' stand for in ASPIRe?
(a) Information
(b) Internal
(c) Informal
(d) Institutional
(e) Imperial

Q14. Which state Health Ministry has recently launched the ‘Test and Treat Strategy’ of the state AIDS Control Society (MSACS) to improve treatment for HIV affected people in the state?
(a) Assam
(b) Karnataka
(c) Mizoram
(d) Andhra Pradesh
(e) Himachal Pradesh

Q15. Name the Anti-hunger activist who has been selected for prestigious Queen’s Young Leaders Award with 60 others from all 53 Commonwealth countries.
(a) Ishant Somal
(b) Ankit Kawatra
(c) Akash Agnihotri
(d) Rishabh Goyal
(e) Rama Ragini

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