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Twisted Ones Reasoning Questions for NICL AO Mains Exam

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Reasoning is a game of wits and presence of mind! Yes, it is true and it might seem as the greatest of the challenge after English Section’s surprises but yet this one can easily be dealt with. You just need correct practice and hardwire your brain to quickly make decisions of what to attempt and what to leave. Practice with these new pattern reasoning question for NICL AO Mains Exam.

Directions (1-5): Study the following information carefully to answer the given questions.

Nine employees i.e. A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H and I of a company are living in a same building of an apartment which have 9 floors. Lower most floor is 1st floor, after that 2nd floor, and so on. One day, they all watched “Harry Potter” Film. Each employee likes different character of this film. These different characters are Potter, Malfoy, Voldemort, Dumbledore, Snape, Sirius Black, Hagrid, Weasley and Hermione.
The one who likes Hagrid does not live below from D. The one who lives on odd floor likes Potter but lives above from 4th floor.G lives on 4th floor. F does not like Hagrid, and Dumbledore. The one who likes Dumbledore lives on that floor, that is just above the floor on which H lives.There are 3 persons live between the one who likes potter and H. The one who likes Sirius Black lives on 3rd floor and H does not like Sirius Black. A lives immediate below the floor on which the one who likes Hermione. B lives above from the floor on which E lives but E does not like Dumbledore. The one who likes Hagrid lives on either Top floor or Bottom most floor. The one who likes Hermione is not F. The one who likes Weasley lives just above from the one who likes Malfoy. D lives just immediate below from G. There are two floor between the one who likes Hagrid and the one who likes Hermione. The one who likes Snape lives below from D. There is five floor between C and H.

Q1. Who among the following likes Voldemort?
(a) D
(b) E
(c) G
(d) B
(e) H

Q2. How many floors between G and I?
(a) One
(b) Three
(c) Five
(d) Four
(e) No one

Q3. Who among the following likes Malfoy?
(a) B
(b) C
(c) D
(d) I
(e) G

Q4. F lives on which floor?
(a) 7th
(b) 6th
(c) 5th
(d) 9th
(e) 8th

Q5. E likes which character of Harry potter?
(a) Hermione
(b) Dumbledore
(c) Voldemort
(d) Snape
(e) Weasley

Directions (6-10): Study the following information carefully and answer the given questions.
When a word and number arrangement machine is given an input line of words and numbers, it arranges them following a particular rule. The following is an illustration of Input and rearrangement.

Input : 77 Poet 88 enable 47 Air Dear 62 27 Baloon
Step 1: Air 77 poet 88 enable 47 dear 62 27 baloon
Step 2: Air 88 77 poet enable 47 dear 62 27 baloon
Step 3: Air 88 enable 77 poet 47 dear 62 27 baloon
Step 4: Air 88 enable 77 baloon poet 47 dear 62 27
Step 5: Air 88 enable 77 baloon 62 poet 47 dear 27
Step 6: Air 88 enable 77 baloon 62 dear poet 47 27
Step 7: Air 88 enable 77 baloon 62 dear 47 poet 27

And step 7 is the last step of the above input. As per the rules followed in the above step, find out the appropriate step for the given output.
INPUT: 71 nose 83 umbrella 37 Queen Floor 59 17 owl

Q6. What comes 4thfrom right end in Step 3?
(a)  Owl
(b) Queen
(c) 71
(d) 37
(e) nose

Q7. What is the penultimate step of the given input?
(a) Step 3
(b) Step 5
(c) Step 8
(d) Step 4
(e) Step 7

Q8. Which step is “owl 83 umbrella 71 floor nose 37 Queen 59 17”?
(a) Step 4
(b) Step 6
(c) Step 2
(d) Step 5
(e) None step

Q9. Which element is exactly between 5th from left end and 4th from right end in Step 2?
(a) 59
(b) 83
(c) Queen
(d) 37
(e) None of these

Q10. Which element is 4th from left end in last step?
(a) Owl
(b) 71
(c) 83
(d) 37
(e) None of these

Directions (11-14): Each of the following questions consists of six statements followed by options consisting of three statements put together in a specific order. Choose the option that indicates a combination where the third statement can be logically deduced from the first two statements and that option will be your answer.
i. Some M are N.
ii. All M are O.
iii. No P are O.
iv. No N is O.
v. All P are N.
vi. Some P are M
(e)None is correct

i. Some PareQ.
ii. All R areS.
iii. A few P are R.
iv. All S are Q.
v. All R areQ.
vi. Some P are Q.
(a) [iii,v,vi]
(b) [i,iii,v]
(c) [ii,v,iv]
(d) [iv,v,ii]
(e)None is correct

i. All A are B.
ii. All C is D.
iii. Some C areA.
iv. No E is C
v. Some E is D.
vi. Some B is C.
(e)None is correct

i. All Pak are India
ii. Some Bangla are India.
iii. Some India are Pak.
iv. No India is Aus.
v. Some Bangla are not Aus.
vi. All Pak are Bangla
(e)None is correct

Directions (15): In the question below has two conclusions followed by five set of statements. You have to choose the correct set of statements that logically satisfies given conclusions. Given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts.

Q15. Conclusion:
Some D areE is a possibility.
Some Fare not G
Statements – 1: All E are H. All H are F. No H is G. No D is F.
Statements – 2: Some EareH. All H are F. Some HareG. No D is F.
Statements – 3: All E are H. All H are F. No H is G. All D areF
Statements – 4: All E are H. All H are F. No D is aI. Some DareG
Statements – 5: Some EareH. All H are F. No H is G. Some DareG.
(a) Only Statements – 1 and 2
(b) Only Statements – 2 and 3
(c) Only Statements – 3 and 5
(d) Only Statements – 4 and 5
(e) Only Statements – 5

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