Success comes after You Conquer your Biggest Obstacles and Hurdles

Life seems to be a saga of hurdles, once you are through with what you face now, you’ll have more ahead. You might be facing these hurdles in face of a tough subject to crack for the exam you aim at or a contestant failure but can these hurdles really stop you from achieving what you want? Or the more appropriate question is Will you let such hurdles stop you from moving ahead and striking back harder at them?

Everyone has a different story, a different situation to deal with but one should never stop working due to fear of what lies ahead. If you have the spirit and you are really dedicated to your goal, dear friends then you have everything you need to strike back harder and win your bread. In this article, we’ll be shedding some light on the life of one such person who drove past all such odds to achieve what she wanted- Ummul Kher. She is soon going to join the elite India Administrative Service (IAS), but she even had her share of hurdles.

Ummul Kher beat against all odds battling unsupportive family conditions to prove that nothing can stop you if you really want what you aim for. Poverty was not her only obstacle. She has a genetic disease called Fragile Bone Disorder. She was honoured as a Role Model for her extra ordinary work on disability by the National Commission for Women in 2015. She has represented disability rights groups in various countries.

Don't make excuses, make improvements. Until you embrace your insecurities and weakness it will be hard for you to work on yourself. Understanding and Acknowledging your strengths and weakness is the first step towards working on them and refining your approach. Until you cross the bridge of your insecurities, you can’t begin to explore your possibilities. 


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