SBI PO Group Exercise & Personal Interview Experience 2017 - 23

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SBI PO is the most sought after recruitment process by banking aspirants. Group Exercise and Personal Interview is the final round (Phase-III) in SBI PO 2017 Recruitment. Last year SBI introduced a prioritisation based group exercise which is also being conducted this year in the Group Discussion Round. Interview experiences can help you get an insight of the difficulty level, environment and types of questions being asked in SBI PO 2017 Group Exercise and Interview Round. Keep on reading to understand the experience of Nitin Hansda.

Graduation-B.Tech ECE
Date-7th sep 2017
Venue-Mumbai LHO, 10:00 am

GD Topic- "Is it fair to cap market capitalization?"

Group Discussion can be a tensed situation for some, but with confidence and clarity of thought, one can easily score in this phase. It is important to maintain the decorum of the session and avoid being too loud. Put forth your views and opinions firmly best backed by figures or facts and also let your fellow group members voice their opinions.

Group Exercise - Measures to reduce the division between urban and rural societies

Group Exercise is performed after the discussion. In this group, exercise candidates were given a set of few qualities/ attributes/ traits/ parameters which they had to prioritize according to their understanding of the topic/ situation/ thinking ability.

Personal Interview

My serial no. was 1 in my group so I was called first for the interview. I don’t remember the exact time of entering for the PI session but when I came back it was 1 PM. So, first of all, I entered the room and there were 5 members of the panel (2 females and 3 males).

Me: Good morning Ma'ams good morning sirs (had an eye contact with everyone while wishing).

M1: Have a seat.
Me: Thank you Sir.

M1: So Nitin. Tell me something about your native place.
Me: Told (my native place is a village actually so I told them about the nearby famous places and about the culture and lifestyle of my village)

M1: Why don’t you pursue in your majors?
Me: Told (I had already prepared well for questions like these)-looked satisfied.

M1: Okay what do u do in your pass time?
Me: Sir as in my hobbies?

M1: basically what do u like?
Me: Told him about my hobbies my pass time activities.(my hobbies were a little different like I had mentioned cooking, solving rubik’s cube, sketching and watching cricket and football in my hobbies-so I can see a smile on his face)

M1: okay So do u read newspapers or are you aware with the current affairs?
Me: Sir I don’t read newspapers as such but I am very much aware with the current happenings.

M1: have you read what has happened today?
Me: No Sir.

M1: Okay tell me something which has happened in recent past or some recent domestic news.
Me: Sir can I mention anything which has happened 2 months back?

M1: okay go on.
Me: Told everything about cabinet reshuffle, momentum Jharkhand, train derailments, triple talaq, all statistics about India vs srilanka t20 match which has happened a day before, told about U-17 fifa world cup.(cross questions on train derailments and t20 match and biggest football transfer)-answered everything.

Now M1 pointed towards F1 to ask questions
F1: So your father works in XXXX tell me something about that.
Me: told. (Also told that I have been to different places across the country because of my father’s profession and his transfer in every 3 year interval)

F1: So what are the places you have been to?
Me: Started telling about my last places slowly but then I realise that it would take a lot of time if I would mention every place in this way so just told the names of the places that I have been to. Listening to that everyone on the panel started laughing. ( I mentioned like 15 places)

F1: okay that was something. So u are currently living korba. Do u know anything in that place?
Me: took a pause and then said mam SECL plant is there.

F1: What is SECL?
Me: mam I don’t know.

F1: NTPC is there.
Me: ohh yes (in my mind I was like shit man I knew it but forgot at that time).

M2: Do you know what MCLR is?
Me: Yes sir, told everything. But after explaining he stopped me in mid-way…said OKAY OKAY.

M3: U have also lived in Nagpur. What were u doing there?
Me: Sir, I did my graduation there.

M3: tell me something about Nagpur.
Me: Told about winter assembly, and people connected to Nagpur (Maharashtra Cm-devendra fadnavis, and also about Nitin gadkari)-he looked satisfied.

M3: Tell the problems that banks are suffering with.
Me: Started with NPA, then told about ransomwares and cyber-attacks (also told about the customer relationship problems-I don’t know whether it is a problem or not but I was not getting anything else)

F2: how would u handle your work life and social life, like if u will have to work for 12-14 hours then what will u do?
Me: (it was a Tricky HR question, but I had prepared something related to this)-so handled this question quite gracefully and she seemed quite satisfied.

F2: last question Rovers cup is associated with which sport?
Me: I took a chance, since I had written cricket and football as my hobbies so I guessed that it must be associated with these two sports and I knew that I was not related to cricket so with a pause I said…..Mam Football (total guess-but it was correct).

F2: Okay thank you.
Me: looked at everyone and said thank you.

So this was it guys I hope it will help you. And last but not the least thank you BANKERS ADDA.

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