Easy way to learn Synonyms Quiz With Explanation

1. DISPARITY (असमानता)
(1) Injustice                         
(2) Unlikeness
(3) Partiality                        
(4) Distortion

Answer:  (2)
Meaning: If there is a disparity between two or more things, there is a noticeable difference between them.
Example: the economic disparities between East and West Berlin.

2.    BARBARIAN (असभ्य)
(1) Arrogant                       
(2) Impolite
(3) Uncvilised                     
(4) Unkind

Answer: (3)
Meaning: In former times, barbarians were people from other countries who were thought to be uncivilized and violent.
Example: The Roman Empire was overrun by Nordic barbarians.

3.    LETHAL (घातक)
(1) Unlawful                        
(2) Deadly
(3) Sluggish                         
(4) Smooth

Answer: (2)
Meaning: A substance that is lethal can kill people or animals.
Example: a lethal dose of sleeping pills.

4.    SERENE (शांत)
(1) Solemn                          
(2) Meak
(3) Delicate                          
(4) Calm

Answer: (4)
Meaning: Someone or something that is serene is calm and quiet.
Example: She looked as calm and serene as she always did,

5.  GRUESOME (भयंकर)
(1) Hateful                           
(2) Painful
(3) Tragic                               
(4) Frightful

Answer: (4)
Meaning: Something that is gruesome is extremely unpleasant and shocking.
Example: There has been a series of gruesome murders in the capital.

6. SECURE (सुरक्षित)
(1) Secret                            
(2) Comfortable
(3) Safe                                                
(4) Independent 

Answer: (3) 
Meaning: If you feel secure, you feel safe and happy and are not worried about life. 
Example: She felt secure and protected when she was with him. 

7.    TYRANNY (अत्याचार)
(1) Misrule                          
(2) Power
(3) Madness                       
(4) Cruelty

Answer: (4): 
Meaning: A tyranny is a cruel, harsh, and unfair government in which a person or small group of people have power over everyone else. 
Example: Self – expression and individuality are the greatest weapons against tyranny. 

8.    OBLIGATORY (अनिवार्य)
(1) Useful                           
(2) Required
(3) Stubborn                      
(4) Agreeable

Answer: (2)
Meaning: If something is obligatory, you must do it because of a rule or a law. 
Example: Most women will be offered an ultrasound scan during pregnancy, although it’s not obligatory. 

(1) Ignorant                       
(2) Interpreter
(3) Delinquent                   
(4) Lover of art

Answer: (2)
Meaning: A connoisseur is someone who knows a lot about the arts, food, drink, or some other subject. 
Example: Sarah tells me you’re something of an art connoisseur.

10.    IMPETUOUS (अविवेकी)
(1) Violent                           
(2) Resourceful
(3) Pleasing                         
(4) Rash

Answer: (4)
Meaning: If you describe someone as impetuous, you mean that they are likely to act quickly and suddenly without thinking or being careful.
Example: He was young and impetuous. 

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