Important Synonyms Quiz With Meaning and Example

(1) Tiny                  
(2) Vague
(3) Insignificant      
(4) Inadequate 
Answer:  (2) 
Meaning: If you describe something as nebulous, you mean that it is vague and not clearly defined or not easy to describe. 
Example: Music is such a nebulous thin

2.    WRATH 
(1) Jealousy         
(2) Hatred
(3) Anger             
(4) Violence 
Answer: (3): 
Meaning: Wrath means the same as anger. 
Example: He incurred the wrath of the authorities in speaking out against government injustices.

(1) Abscond         
(2) Discontinue
(3) Neglect           
(4) Condense
Answer: (2): 
Meaning: If you abandon an activity or piece of work, you stop doing it before it is finished. 
Example: The authorities have abandoned any attempt to distribute food.

4.    BASHFUL 
(2) Confident
(3) Shy                  
(4) Hopeful 
Answer: (3): 
Meaning: Someone who is bashful is shy and easily embarrassed. 
Example: He seemed bashful and awkward. 

(1) Distribute        
 (2) Decorate
(3) Preserve          
(4) Collect 
Answer: (4):  
Meaning: If someone has garnered something useful or valuable, they have gained it or collected it.  Example: He has garnered extensive support for his proposals.

6.    EAGER
(1) Clever           
(2) Enthusiastic
(4) Devoted 
Answer: (3)
Meaning: If you are eager to do or have something, you want to do or have it very much.

Example: Robert was eager to talk about life in the army.’

7.    PLACID 
(1) Clear                               
(2) Calm
(3) Enjoyable     
(4) Dull
Answer: (2)
Meaning: A placid person or animal is calm and does not easily become excited, angry, or upset.
Example: She was a placid child who rarely cried.

(1) Boast                              
(2) Remember
(3) Manipulate  
(4) Harmonies

Answer: (2)
Meaning: To commemorate an important event or person means to remember them by means of a special
action, ceremony, or specially- created object.
Example: One room contained a gallery of paintings commemorating great moments in baseball. 

9.    DEIFY 
(1) Face                                
(2) Worship
(3) Flatter                            
(4) Challenge

Answer: (2)
Meaning: If someone is deified, they are considered to be a god or are regarded with very great respect.
Example: Valentino was virtually deified by legions of females fans.

(2) Privileges
(3) Facilities        
(4) Courtesies  
Answer: (2)
Meaning: Amenities are things such as shopping centres or sports facilities that are provided for people’s convenience, enjoyment, or comfort.
Example: The hotel amenities include health clubs, conference facilities, and banqueting rooms.

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