Synonyms Quiz With Explanation

(1) Plenty             
(2) Competent
(3) Fertile              
(4) Predominant

Answer: (3)
Meaning: An animal, person, or plant that is prolific produces a large number of babies, young plants, or fruit.
Example: They are prolific breeders, with many hens laying up to six eggs.

(1) Weaken          
(2) Attack
(3) Surmount        
(4) Destroy 

Answer: (1)
Meaning: If you are debilitated by something such as an illness, it causes your body or mind to become gradually weaker.
Example: Stewart took over yesterday when Russell was debilitated by a stomach virus.

(1) Pretty              
(2) Modest
(3) Showy            
(4) Flagrant

Answer: (3)
Meaning: If you describe someone as ostentatious, you disapprove of them because they want to impress people with their wealth or importance.
Example: Obviously he had plenty of money and was generous in its use without being ostentatious.
(1) Friendly           
(2) Cheat
(3) Helpful            
(4) Depress

Answer: (1)
Meaning: Someone who is affable is pleasant and friendly.
Example: Mr. Brooke is an extremely affable and approachable man.
(1) Prosperous     
(2) Poor
(3) Talkative         
(4) Close

Answer: (1)
Meaning:  If you are affluent, you have a lot of money .
Example: Cigarette smoking used to be commoner among affluent people.

6.    LIMP
(1) Kneel              
(2) Bend
(3) Falter              
(4) Stoop

Answer (3):
Meaning: If you say that something such as an organization, process, or vehicle limps along, you mean that it continues slowly or with difficulty, for example because it has been weakened or damaged.
Example: In recent years the newspaper had been limping along on limited resources
(1) Never              
(2) Usual
(3) Rare                
(4) Sometimes

Answer : (4)
Meaning: If something is infrequent, it does not happen often.
Example: John’s infrequent visits to London.

(1) Stab                
(2) Slaughter
(3) Murder            
(4) Assassinate

Answer : (2)
Meaning: A massacre is the killing of a large number of people at the same time in a violent and cruel way.
Example: Maria lost her 62 – year old mother in the massacre.
(1) Diminish          
(2) Mock
(3) Disparage       
(4) Scoff

Answer (3)
Meaning: If you belittle someone or something, you say or imply that they are unimportant or not very good.
Example: We mustn’t belittle her outstanding achievement.
10.    REVISE
(1) Edit                 
(2) Alter
(3) Correct                  
(4) Reconsider

Answer (2)
Meaning: If you revise a price, amount, or estimate, you change it ot make it more fair, realistic, or accurate.
Example: They realised that some of their prices were higher than their competitors’ and revised prices accordingly.

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