Banking Pathway 2015: Daily Wordlist

Dear Readers,
                       Since several banking exams are lined up in upcoming months and vocabulary plays an important role to score 4- 5 marks within a few seconds, if you are memorising words on the very daily basis. Here, we are providing you some words to help you to attain your goal.

1. Parsimonious (Adj.):-  Very unwilling to spend money.
Synonyms - stingy; niggard; penurious.
Uses : His parsimonious nature did not permit him to enjoy any luxuries.

2. Peccadillo (Noun):- A small mistake or fault that is not regarded as very bad or serious, minor offence.
Synonyms:- Indiscretion
Uses: If we examine these escapades carefully, we will realize that they are mere peccadilloes rather than major crimes.

3. Perfidious (Adj.):- One who has a treacherous character. 
Synonyms:- treacherous; disloyal
Uses: When Caesar realized that Brutus had betrayed him, he reproached his perfidious friend.

4. Reproach (Verb):- Express criticism towards someone.
Synonyms:- dishonour; opprobrium; disgrace.
Uses: Narendra Modi rebuked one of his MP for his irresponsible behaviour.

5. Reverberate (verb):- have a long or continuous effect.
Synonyms: echo; resonate; resound.
Uses: The discussion with my teacher reverberated in my ears till I stop breathing.

6. Perseverance (Noun):- The act of persisting or perserving; continuing or repeating behaviour; the quality of being determined to do or achieve something.
Synonyms:- doggedness; persistence
Uses: If you have perseverance oneday you will be on the pinnacle of your career trajectory.

7. Accolade (Noun):-  award of merit
Synonyms: award; honour; laurels
Uses: In Hollywood, an "Oscar" is the highest accolade.

8. Acrimonious (Adj.):- Bitter or sharp in language or tone.
Synonyms: stinging, caustic, bitter, scathing.
His tendency to utter acrimonious remarks alienated his audience.

9. Aggrandize (verb):- To enhance the power, wealth or position.
Synonyms- increase or intensify; raise in power, wealth, rank or honor
Uses: The history of the past quarter century illustrates how a President may aggrandize his power to act aggressively in international affairs without considering the wishes of Congress.

10. Ambivalence (Noun):- the state of having contradictory or conflicting emotional attitudes.
Synonyms: Equivocation; indecision; uncertainty
Torn between loving her parents one minute and hating them the next, she was confused by the ambivalence of her feelings.

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