Banking Pathway 2015: Daily Wordlist

Dear Readers,
Since several banking exams are lined up in upcoming months and vocabulary plays an important role to score 4- 5 marks within a few seconds, if you are memorizing words on the very daily basis. Here, we are providing you some words to help you to attain your goal.

1. Recondite (Adj):- difficult to penetrate; incomprehensible to one of ordinary understanding or knowledge.
Synonyms: abstruse, deep, profound.
Uses: the professor's lectures were so abstruse that students tended to avoid them.
Tricks: recon-dite:recon sounds like reckon which means guess...if a question is DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND u will GUESS the answer.

2. Facsimile (N):- an exact copy or reproduction.
Synonyms: facsimile machine , fax
Uses: Digital facsimiles of 20 notable books from the Bavarian State Library’s impressive collection of Oriental and Asian books.
Tricks: sounds like fax..and fax means to replicate or make a copy.

3.Repudiate (V):- refuse to acknowledge, ratify, or recognize as valid.
Synonyms: disown , renounce, abdicate.
Uses: She renounced her husband
tricks: hindi cinema if you marry a girl not belonging to your religion,class,....the father says you ate my reputation and you are not my son from now....hence the father DISOWNS his son.

4. Obsequious (V):- attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery.
Synonyms: bootlicking, fawning, sycophantic, toadyish, blandishment
Uses: The princess had obsequious servants who showered her with attention.
tricks: obsequious - obey sequence of work in office(obedience, dutiful).

5. Esoteric (Adj):- confined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle.
Synonyms: abstruse, deep, recondite.
Uses: a compilation of esoteric philosophical theories
Tricks: HISTORIC things are known to few people.

6. Contrite (Adj):- feeling or expressing pain or sorrow for sins or offenses.
Synonyms: remorseful, rueful, ruthful.
Uses: The defendant who plead guilty seemed contrite for his actions, crying a river in front of everyone, and he even went as far as requesting 500 hours community service.
Tricks: I feel contrite because I didn't do it right.

7. Ingrain (V):- produce or try to produce a vivid impression of.
Synonyms: impress, instil.
Uses: His hands were grained with dirt.
Tricks: Mother tried to ingrain respect for our elders in us.

8. Pedantic (Adj):- marked by a narrow focus on or display of learning especially its trivial aspects.
Synonyms: academic, donnish.
Uses: My father is a pedantic man who usually misses all the vacation fun because he is busy reviewing travel documents.
Tricks: pedantic sounds like VEDANTIC. Any body who follows Vedas is usually a v. conservative and bookish person.

9. Pandemonium (N):- a state of extreme confusion and disorder.
Synonyms: bedlam, chaos, tumult.
Uses: I live a serene and peaceful life, but yours is full of pandemonium.
Tricks: Pan (all) + Demon (devil) + ium (like) = like full of devils (wild place)

10. Paragon (N):- an ideal instance; a perfect embodiment of a concept.
Synonyms: beau ideal, idol, perfection
Uses: In the movie, the angel represents the paragon of goodness that will save the world.
Tricks: paragon which is a slipper brand makes products which are models for perfection.

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